Fan Art Fridays

Well here it is. Our first Fan Art Friday.  We gave you a week to come up with some awesome, Uncanny X-Men-themed, fan art and perhaps one week was not enough to give you time to create (we’ve fixed that for next time). However we did get submissions, and were blown away by all of them. So without further ado here they are.

First up we have Joe Rawlings who submitted a particularly ferocious Sabretooth.


Next up, Matt Skipworth With Magneto and Psylocke.


Next up, our own Loz Cook, with Mystique, M, and Psylocke.


Silas Lilly, must know something we don’t and has featured Scarlet witch. We don’t think it’s Uncanny X-Men themed, but it is Uncanny Avengers themed and we liked the pic so here it is.


Lastly we have our own Tom Bacon with Psylocke.


Thanks everyone who submitted. We appreciate your time and we loved your art.

Do you want to be featured next month?

We want to see your art, but “What is next month’s theme?” we hear you ask. The theme next month (and we’ll announce closer to the date):

“Everyone’s A Deadpool” to go along with the release of Fox’s Deadpool.

Just create a piece of art featuring Deadpool … or if you want to really impress us, feature a comic character you love dressed as Deadpool.
We know there are a ton of budding artists out there and we want to feature your work. The only requirement, as it was this month? The art we feature has to be art you created with your own hands. Please include your name and a small blurb you would like us to print along with your work.

Send your submission to us at:

Send your submissions to us by the 11th of February and we’ll feature it on the SAME Week the Deadpool feature film is released, on the 12th of February.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Craig says:

    That Sabretooth is just WOW! He should be drawn like this all the time.


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