Week of Marvels 06/02/2016 – ‘Twas the Week Before Deadpool…

We all know what’s coming out this weekend, guys (and if you don’t, seriously, are you actually alive?) – so, with the dynamic Deadpool hitting the big screens this weekend, Tom’s asked for the usual service to be suspended.  Yeah, you got it, this Week of Marvels is brought to you by DEADPOOL!

This week in Marvel Comics:

Double your Dose of Deadpool!

Deadpool the Boss

Don’t you just love first issues?  I sure do (reckon Marvel does, too, otherwise they wouldn’t release so many!).  So it’s fitting that Marvel prepared for my cinematic triumph by launching a second series starring yours truly!  Yeah, you heard right, not only am I an Avenger now, but there are no less than two titles with me in the spotlight.  This – Deadpool & the Mercs for Money – features me and my motley gang having a spot of bother when we fall down a rabbit hole, or maybe go to England or something.  Sure, we got our backsides handed to us with style, but that’s what always happens when you meet the villain for the first time, right?  Makes the final battle much more satisfying.

Marvel have put together a pretty cool team, with Cullen Bunn (y’know, the guy who reminded people why they like Magneto?) in charge, and Salva Espin making us all look cool.  My one quibble?  I really don’t understand why Solo’s a member of this team.  I think Marvel added him to the line-up out of sarcasm.  I mean, Solo working as a member of a team?  I think he should change his codename.  Call himself Team-Player or something.

Unless maybe he was added because somebody at Lucasfilm felt sorry about Han?  I mean, we’re all part of the same company now, right?

Spidey Captures White Rabbit

I was even kind enough to let Marvel reprint Spidey #1 in the back of my book!  Can’t help wondering if that White Rabbit chick’s connected to my present-day problems somehow, so it might’ve been more than just a smart marketing move on Marvel’s part.  Say, am I the only one who finds Spidey webbing up chicks kinda kinky?

Speaking of Spiders, Miles Morales finally hit the headlines this week with Spider-Man #1.  Now that the classic Spidey’s become an international businessman kind of thing, Miles gets to be the local superhero and shine.  It’s pretty weird, ’cause I’m no clearer on his backstory now the Multiverse has been rebooted.  I mean, his original reason for becoming Spider-Man was because Peter Parker died, right?  Does he remember his original Ultimate Universe, and if not what were his motivations?  Do his schoolfriends remember Peter Parker is Spider-Man?


Brian Bendis is clearly excited about the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe, ’cause his first action in Spider-Man #1 is to unleash a can of whoop-@$$ on them all.  Miles gets a chance to be the guy who’s gotta take down the villain who’s gone to town on the Avengers.  From there, Bendis makes sure to set up the kid’s new status quo (kinda the same as before, but with an added slice of mom factor).  The art’s as on-the-nose as Sara Pichelli always is.  I’m happy with the book.

Best of the Rest!

On the subject of Wall-Crawlers, this week also saw the release of Amazing Spider-Man #7.  Dan Slott’s jumped back in time a little, and he’s pitting Spider-Man against Mister Negative!  Last week’s cliffhanger is resolved in a slightly boring way, but it makes perfect sense when you remember the bad guy’s powersets.  Reality is, Dan Slott is on one serious roll right now, so this is a book you don’t wanna miss.

Magneto Enjoying Himself

The X-Men had another triple-whammy week, with Magneto and Psylocke proving you don’t wanna underestimate them when they go head-to-head with the Dark Riders!  Seriously, is this, like, the year everybody wants to return to the ’90s or something?  I’m getting a movie, the Dark Riders are back… What’s next, a future dystopia where Apocalypse rules?  Greg Land’s surprising me, too.  Sure, he’s still tracing porn – last issue he had Mystique licking her lips in a way that kinda grosses you out when you remember she’s probably older than your grandma – but this is some of the best art he’s produced in years.

While the Uncanny X-Men are proving they’ve still got it, I’m not so impressed with Uncanny Avengers #5.

Unchaperoned X-Men

Yeah, I know I’m in that team, but the plot’s got more holes in it than Swiss Cheese.  The team’s ‘secret mission’ involves crashing underworld parties and shouting out, “Anyone seen the Red Skull?”  Yeah, that’s gonna stay secret for a while.  And they don’t even have a psi with them in case they actually, y’know, meet the guy?  They’re looking like rank amateurs.  I say ‘they’, incidentally, because Gerry Duggan wisely keeps me back, so as not to spoil my rep at the same time he ruins Rogue’s.

Finally, Worst X-Man Ever (no, it’s not a book about me, no matter what Nate says) came to a head, and it was just as much fun as the rest of the series.  Some seriously cool touches to it, and even the best explanation for Marvel Time I’ve ever come across.  Marvel proving meta isn’t just something can do!

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