Deadpool Review

Needless to say, SPOILERS BELOW. DO NOT continue if you haven’t seen Deadpool, or don’t want anything to be spoiled. I mean it! leave right now and watch that movie without being spoiled by anyone. Even You! Yeah you in the corner. You normally don’t mind spoilers, but one of the best things about this movie is being dragged along in all its craziness not knowing where the hell things are going to go.

First off, let’s just say this is not a kids movie. Children have no right to see this and it is an Action/Comedy/Romance that people are probably going to compare to Kick Ass. Both movies have several really great action sequences and to say both movies are foul-mouthed and irreverent would be an understatement, but where Kick Ass lacks style, heart, substance, and sheer likability, Deadpool brings home the bacon.


By the characters, in order of importance:

Let’s just say that Ryan Reynolds is all you could possibly want from an actor portraying Deadpool. Born for this role? Perhaps not born, but there will be no other superhero role for Reynolds that lives up to this performance. He’s crazy, childish, violent, quick-witted, and psychotic. But in places, he’s also funny, caring, sentimental, and downright charming. He also breaks the fourth wall like a … potty-mouthed, professional comedian, fourth-wall breaker. There’s even a joke about breaking the fourth wall from a flashback. Things get very meta from the instant the movie starts. Pay attention to the title credits.

So I write all this, not having had a problem with Daniel Cudmore’s portrayal of Colossus in all previous movies. That said, Cudmore’s Colossus will be filed away as irrelevant now the superior version has arrived. And this is no mean feat for a motion capture role. From the moment we first see Colossus eating a bowl of cereal daintily holding his spoon, I knew we were in for a treat. Colossus takes the role of Professor Xavier and represents the super heroic, moralistic standpoint for the movie.

Colossus is the hero that we needed. When I first heard Colossus would be featured, i groaned. In the comics, Colossus has not been interesting to me for a while , but then here he was; that caring, noble, gentle giant with the Russian accent that we all needed. I say gentle giant, but that doesn’t mean he slacks in the action department. His battle with Angel Dust is every bit as brutal, exciting, and funny as I could have hoped. There’s even a moment when during the destruction, Angel Dust has a wardrobe malfunction, and Colossus pauses to inform her of her impropriety blocking the audience’s view with his hand. But, this is a Deadpool movie and Colossus’ nobility is rewarded with “that’s so sweet,” and a super-powered crotch punch.

His whole speech at the end of the movie is delightful, and you know it’s not just for show, he’s already saved one of the antagonists from destruction. This is an X-Man done right. Something I can only hope for several characters featured in X-Men: Apocalypse later this year.

Weasel is the comic relief antidote to Deadpool’s constant funny-man. Weasel is necessary here. TJ Miller is funny, but also supportive of Deadpool, despite his hilariously over the top first reaction to Wade’s face, post-procedure. Every time Weasel speaks, it is delivered with effortless charm, even when bringing up, Avocados, Freddy Kruegar, and topographical maps of Utah. “Haunting.”

Negasonic Teenage Warhead
I LOVE NTW. She probably has the most visually appealing effects of the whole movie, and while at first I was annoyed at them not using the character as she was portrayed in the comics, there’s something beautiful in the producer’s decision to go with a literal connection between Name and powers.  I love her petulant youthful stereotyped role and the cheesy way Deadpool interacts with her. What I love a bit more is how she makes it possible for Deadpool to save the day and how she saves her trainer X-Man’s life from Angel Dust. And … she really does have the coolest codename.

Ed Skrein does a good enough job as the token British villain. When you have a hero that is quite “out there” you need the villain to play it pretty straight or you get competing psychos. The only areas these two compete is the battling with sharp weapons arena. It’s rather good. Ajax actually exudes his annoyance with the constantly “On” Deadpool and I have to say I really felt for him. The frustration is palpable. In the end though, it could have been any old villain with sharp weapons and a British accent.

Here’s the thing. The chemistry between Baccarin and Reynolds is top notch. These two are as made for each other as Reynolds is for Deadpool. The two of them sell the romance portion of the movie … in all its aspects. She is a perfect fit for Wade Wilson and the two have some dialogue that while not perfect, is just fine because the two of them are having it together. My only problem with her is the bravado of the movie to make her out as more than just the romantic interest/damsel in distress. She is nothing more than that. And that’s okay, she can curse and act tough with the best of them, but at the end of the day. Damsel in distress.

Angel Dust
Gina Carano. What can I say. Nothing much is required by way of acting, but man, does she have a top-notch fight scene with Colossus, and a spectacular super villain landing.

So here’s a couple of other thoughts. Up to this release there have been several interviews about Deadpool’s sexuality and also the feminist celebration that the movie will be. I was concerned going in. Here’s an exchange that happened in an interview with Collider.

Can you talk about the tantalizing fireside photo that you guys put out. Does this mean it will be a very hypersexualized Deadpool?

Miller: Pansexual! I want that quoted. Pansexual Deadpool.

Reynolds: There is some sexuality in this movie for sure. You kinda think you have moments when you’re shooting where you think, “This is, uh, a little excessive. This is a comic book movie. Are we gonna get away with this?” But so far so good. Studio hasn’t crushed us with anything. They were here yesterday, they were thrilled, they saw some cut footage and so far so good. We did a photo shoot for an entire day of just different, completely insane things that Deadpool is doing and there’s a lot more to come. They’ll be slowly released.

After seeing the movie, all I can say is that the pansexual stuff must have been cut. Unless wade’s giving a guy a quick peck on the cheek, or Wade, on the receiving end of Vanessa’s National Women’s day activities is supposed to be pansexual. Or is pansexual, Deadpool copping an accidental feel of organic steel nethers? On the feminist front, sure, you have three very strong females in their own right,  who aren’t afraid to take what they want. Each of them reveling in their own very specific “Action” scenes.

Despite the absurdist sex montage and an unnecessary strip club scene (I had to look away), this movie was super entertaining and I don’t know if I’ve laughed so hard in a movie theatre and not had people look at me funny. As an X-Men fan there are plenty of quips and jokes that I got that a non X-Fan might not, and the amount of digs at Hugh Jackman get funnier and funnier, until the last Jackman Joke, and at that moment I lost it for the umpteenth time.

I read the Time out review which described the movie as “relentlessy annoying,” and “not half as smart, funny, or subversive as it clearly believes itself to be,” but I disagree. Deadpool (the movie), is relentless funny and often unexpectedly so. Vanessa’s Star Wars Joke is an example. But also,  Deadpool (the movie) doesn’t give a damn what you think. It know’s it’s not going to the Oscars and that’s not what this is about. It’s about bringing a comic character who really shouldn’t work on the big screen, and runs with it. And then proceeds to prove how bad ass it is even when it’s forgotten its ammo in the taxi … twice.

Also, there are a couple of jokes along the lines of, “you might have seen more X-Men, but they didn’t have the budget” or “there might have been more of such and such, but they didn’t have the budget.” I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for future Deadpool or X-Force ventures. As an X-men fan I was left wanting more. What this movie proved is that There are interesting X-Men that can feature in a movie beyond the Wolverines, Marvel Girls, and Storms. We just need to see more members of the New Mutants or X-Force next time around. Bottom line, Deadpool is hugely entertaining. It has a lot of fun and the actors having fun in their roles is massively infectious.

However, here’s my warning as a parent. Despite Deadpool having a lot of young fans, do not be fooled by the fun childish advertising. This is an R rated movie and Children should not ever watch this movie. There is adult themed language, violence, and sexuality. As an adult, I was uncomfortable at certain points. If you have young children who want to watch this movie cos’ Deadpool is their all-time favorite superhero, break their little hearts on this matter, and not their minds.

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