Week of Marvels 20/02/2016 – Deadpool Triumphant!

One week on – Deadpool triumphant in the Box Office!  In other news, things are looking more promising for the X-Men…

This week in Marvel Comics!

Avengers: Standoff launches!

The Program is Working

Marvel’s latest event began in Avengers: Standoff #1!  The first issue weaves a superb and subtle tale, with writer Nick Spencer pulling quite a few surprise twists along the journey.  The story focuses in on the mystery of Pleasant Hill, a town with a dark secret behind it.  An amnesiac eerily reminiscent of a young Steve Rogers struggles to uncover the truth… Mark Bagley’s art is picture-perfect, and he builds a sinister world in which nothing is as it seems.  If the kick-off is anything to go by, this is one event that’s going be good!

The All-New All-Different Launches Continue!

Power Man and Iron Fist

A classic team reunited with Power Man and Iron Fist #1!  David Walker’s script is perfect, drawing back to the history between this particular dynamic duo.  The story’s not exactly unpredictable – as soon as it gets going, you know Power Man and Iron Fist are being set up.  But it’s full of character and humour, and Sanford Greene’s art suits it perfectly.  The series looks pretty promising.

Best of the Rest!

Dan Slott continues his superb run in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, with #8 wrapping up Spider-Man’s latest battle with Mister Negative.  Everything ties together effectively, while setting up an intriguing new status quo for Cloak and Dagger.  I’m looking forward to seeing where Slott goes with this.  Meanwhile, the second arc of Extraordinary X-Men came to an end, but remains dogged by the same problem: without context from Cyclops’ post-“Secret Wars” action, many characters’ actions just seem weird.  The X-editorial plan is leaving Extraordinary X-Men falling somewhat flat.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Paul Bowler says:

    Really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man #8 what a great issue to see Spidey V the Spider-Mobile. Glad to see Cloak and Dagger back to normal as well. Also enjoyed reading Power Man & Iron Fist #1 as well, good story and art. TBH they are not characters I’d usually be into that much, but there was such good vibe around this new release that I had to check it out. Will certainly look forward to seeing how the titles develops 🙂


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