FAF: Netflix and Sketch

It’s Fan Art Friday (FAF) time again. This month we’re giving you three weeks to come up with more fantastic fan art creations. This month’s theme goes a bit more in depth.


The theme this month: Netflix and Sketch. With the release of Daredevil Season 2 only weeks away, we want you to do one of two things.

1. Give us your artistic interpretation of any of the characters that Netflix has featured in one of their Binge-worthy TV shows. This includes, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage or any of the characters found within.


2. Sketch the characters or featured character you would like to see in a Netflix, 13 episode series. This could be ANY marvel character. It could be one of the X-Men. It could be an Avenger, it could be a character you’ve wanted to see on the small screen but haven’t yet. It’s your choice. Just give us your elevator pitch along with the main art featuring that character/s.


So there you have it.


Send your submission to us at mahmusecomics@gmail.com

Send it to us by the 31st of  March and we’ll feature it in the April 1st Fan Art Friday.

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