What do the First Reactions to Captain America: Civil War Tell Us?

Marvel have allowed some lucky viewers to watch early showings of Captain America: Civil War, and the first reactions are out!  In a Week of Marvels special, I want to look at some of the trends:

1. It’s impossible not to compare Captain America: Civil War to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman 2

Let’s face it, we already knew that fans would be drawing comparisons between Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman.  Both are huge action set-pieces, bringing heroes into collision; both have themes exploring the damage superhero battles can do.  Perhaps this was the most interesting comment:

Captain America's traps

That word ‘fun’ is the most common word being used to contrast the two films.  That was entirely predictable; one of the most common criticisms of Batman v Superman was that the film just didn’t have a sense of fun to it, that it was too dense in its symbolism.

A Devastating Reply

It’s worth noting that the plot is getting some criticism, just as Batman v Superman‘s does; there’s a lot going on in this movie, possibly too much.  Another pretty universal comment, though, is that we genuinely care about the action because we genuinely care about the characters.  Holding their Avenger-v-Avenger brawl back was clearly a smart move on Marvel’s part.

That said, the film others are comparing this to is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  It doesn’t come out as favourably in that comparison.

2. The airport fight scene is a highlight of the film

Civil War Team Cap

According to popular reactions, we’ve seen less than 1% of the airport fight scene.  This is getting some serious praise:

Airport scene

The only problem is, some of the comments have suggested this is too good – it dominates the film, standing out above the rest of the movie, and leaving the end feeling a tad anticlimatic.

3. Although full of action, the movie has real emotional depth

Iron Man in Civil War

Yes, this is a superhero-on-superhero slugfest, with Avengers taking on their allies.  That said, it’s also a film that seems to rejoice in its heart.

Finally the fight

4. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is particularly praiseworthy

Spider-Man Civil War image

We already had hints that Spider-Man would play a bigger role in the film than we’d perhaps been expecting.  Fan reaction is hugely positive.

Spider-Man the best

Now, that comment actually concerns me a little; however good Tom Holland may be as Spider-Man, it sounds as though he’s been inserted into a plot that doesn’t really need him.  I prefer tight plotting, so it may well be that my reaction isn’t quite so positive.

5. Sadly, Baron Zemo isn’t great as a villain

Baron Zemo

It’s immediately notable that Daniel Bruhl’s villain isn’t getting many comments.  The few he’s getting suggest that Marvel have yet to resolve their ‘villain problem’:



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul Bowler says:

    I think the buzz around Captain America Civil War has been mostly positive. Its a good strong storyline in the comics so I’m sure the film will do it and all the characters justice. I hope Spidey’s inclusion isn’t just for the sake of it though. Really looking forward to Civil War!


    1. loz says:

      Me too. Captain America 2 was such a standout superhero movie for me. I enjoyed it far more than Avengers 2, so eagerly awaiting this one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Paul Bowler says:

        Captain America Winter Soldier is one of my fave Marvel films as well. Yes, Age of Ultron wasn’t as good, so I’ve got high hopes for Captain America Civil War 🙂


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