Planetary: Book Club #1 Issues 1-5

To say I can get obsessed with certain books and properties is probably an understatement. However I jumped on the Planetary wagon late, but when I caught hold of the first issue, I was hooked. I probably read Planetary once a year. It’s my annual tip of the hat to my duo of talent crushes, Warren Ellis and John Cassaday, and this year I wanted to share it with the other contributors and readers at MahmuseComics. So we decided to have a book club and read it all together and group our thoughts and musings in to five chunks.

There are 27 books in the Planetary series with three special issues, all spaced over several years. This book is almost a decade in the making. Today though, we present to you issues 1-5. So grab your Planetary issues, we’ll wait while you get them to read through … … … Ah there you are, and first we’ll give you a bit of background before we start.

Planetary is quite simply, an organisation of archaeologists of the impossible and extraordinary situated in the Wildstorm universe. They dig into the bizarre and impossible happenings of a whole century of pop culture goings on and try to make sense of the mysteries placed before them, like, who is keeping the extraordinary a secret? Who is the Fourth Man? And what are Century Babies? We’ll tackle the questions that arise as they are asked in the comics and present to you our ideas and thoughts on it all.

First up, who are some o’la fam?

Snow1Elijah Snow

John Snow is a disheveled man we first meet in a small diner in the middle of nowhere drinking coffee that tastes like dog piss. We learn that he has an affinity for and control over sub-zero temperatures. He also has a secret history, possibly with Planetary and his new team members are not being very forthright with the truth. Who is Snow, and who is the fourth Man?


Jakita Wagner

Jakita is an agent for Planetary and she quickly hires Snow to be the Third man on her team. She doesn’t feel the cold, and seems to be quite resistant to harm, can run quite fast and likes to hit things/people. She can also drop kick a rhino over the Grand Canyon.


The Drummer

Last Name Drummer, First Name The. He talks to machines, they do as he says. He’s also crazy, and attached to drumsticks which he uses to tap into information sources.

Doc Brass

Doctor Axel Brass

Unless you count the Zero issue of Planetary, and witnessed the Wildstorm version of The Incredible Hulk, Doc Brass is our first Alt-Version of an existing character in pop culture, Doc Savage, the man of Bronze. Savage is a pulp Adventure hero during the 1930s who had a resurgence of popularity years later. Doc Brass is one of several individuals born on the 1st of January 1900 and disappeared around 1945 until Planetary discover him in the present.

So that’s our main cast. Check out the next few pages for the Issue breakdowns and your Mah Muse hosts for their insights.

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  1. loz says:

    The crazy thing about this book is I read so fast. Just Like Danny mentions, I get to the end in minutes yet there’s so much dense information and it begs to be read again and again.


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