FAF: Netflix and Sketch

I have to apologize, We didn’t get many submissions and I didn’t keep to my schedule, but we did get good submissions

First up we have Silas Lilly with a particularly brooding Jessica Jones. Have to say, I can’t wait for a Jessica Jones Season 2.


Next up is Joe Rawlings who submitted not one but four images.

His Iron Fist design is the featured image to this post, but here are some other characters he thought would be great on their own Netflix T.V. show.

Magik, would be an awesome inclusion and hopefully you’d get some other new mutants or even Colossus from the Deadpool movie as supporting cast.


Next is probably my favourite. Ares. I’d love to see a 13 episode show with Ares being thrust into Modern day life and being dumped with the teenage kid he never knew he had in Phobos the god of fear. Ares is torn by his desire to do right by his son but is drawn to the wrong side of the law by a corporation who have nefarious ideas. The biggest conflict is when Phobos is wooed by SHIELD to join their secret warriors. This would be an awesome series.


Lastly, I think Joe has information that none of us know about concerning the Freeform network owned by Disney just Green lit these next two characters for a show. Cloak and Dagger.


Thanks everyone who submitted. We appreciate your time and we loved your art.

Stay Tuned for news of our next Fan Art Friday.


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  1. A lot of talent here. Very impressed.


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