Week of Marvels 23/04/2016 – Guess Who’s Back?

It’s the week before Captain America: Civil War, and the internet’s abuzz with excitement!  Meanwhile, Marvel have teased a surprising return…

This week in Marvel Comics!

A week of disappointing events…

SILK Organisation

It’s Robbie Thompson’s turn to take on the continuing “Spider-Women” story in Silk #7, with art by Tana Ford.  It’s not a great chapter, but it does have some fun twists, featuring the Spider-Gwen reality’s version of Doctor Octopus.  Unfortunately Ford’s art just doesn’t quite work for all the characters; Jessica Drew, in particular, looks seriously off in a few panels.  I will say, though, that this issue reinforces the genius of the “Spider-Women” event – each character has a fascinating arc.

Meanwhile, Extraordinary X-Men #9 continues Jeff Lumire’s part of the “Apocalypse Wars” event.  Unfortunately, although he toys with some interesting concepts, there’s not a lot to draw me to this issue.  Lemire’s focus shifts to a handful of characters who are normally in the background, giving them a year of teamwork and growth.  Anole gets a bit of a power-upgrade, as does No-Girl, but there’s something about the story that just makes it hard to care.

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