Kurtis Wiebe Update


Kurtis Wiebe is co-creator of the Rat Queens, which has had a sporadic history in regards to its artists, but has maintained a loyal and tenacious fan-base.


Their loyalty and tenacity was tested when Kurtis announced in April of this year that Rat Queens is being put on temporary hiatus. A few of us failed, sadly.

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td 2
The last issue before the hiatus began is #16, of which I have two copies because TFAW thought I wouldn’t notice the difference or that I’d rather have two of one than not.

Every artist needs a breather to keep the art from becoming contrived and stale. In fact, in this last volume and subsequent few issues, Rat Queens began to show the signs of writer-fatigue. The pacing became jerky and plot-points lacked textual support. Volumes 1 and 2 made promises for future quality and Kurtis is wise enough to recognize he needs a break to rethink and let things resettle for his own quality control.

As we’ve seen in Rat Queens and his other titles, he’s a talented writer with integrity and great love for his work. Such is evident in his replies to his fans and in the support given from his peers, not to mention his exigence in his comics.

However, we have a new Wiebe title to look forward to: Bounty. Coming out July 6th.


The art is done by Mindy Lee, who has done previous work in the industry and has a unique style. I’d love to see her work for the Rat Queens, too. Sneak peak here.

Bounty is strongly my voice and one of my favourite comics I’ve ever written […] While it’s about sisters who hunt criminals in the future, it is ultimately about the nature of family and the trust we share with those closest to us.  With a little bit of action and romance on the side. What Mindy Lee is doing with the art is unlike anything I’ve seen in comics before. —Kurtis Wiebe

I’m excited for Bounty and think anyone who loves the Queens and female-lead comic will want to sign up for the pre-order, like I did.

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