Superheroes Breakdown 11/06/2016 – DC’s Rebirth Continues!

DC and Marvel are both in “Event Season” now, and meanwhile we’re gearing up for the next cinematic superhero delights…

This week in Comics!

DC’s “Rebirth” continues!

Wonder Woman deceived

DC’s “Rebirth” titles are continuing, with Wonder Woman – Rebirth #1The Flash -Rebirth #1 and Aquaman -Rebirth #1.  All make interesting reading; The Flash – Rebirth #1 continues the story Geoff Johns began in DC Universe – Rebirth #1, tying a few threads together in an interesting way.  But the most fantastic story is Wonder Woman – Rebirth #1, in which the various histories of Wonder Woman are brought into head-on collision.  It kicks off what promises to be an intriguing plot, in which Wonder Woman strives to uncover the secrets behind her own origin.  Not to be missed.

Detective Comics #934 and Action Comics #957 both carry the “Rebirth” banner, and both are worth picking up.  Unfortunately, the continuity of the various ‘Superman’ books is getting kind of puzzling – while thematically this needs to have happened after Superman – Rebirth #1, in that previous book everybody knew about Superman’s death.  It’s a pretty major plot-point to be handled inconsistently, and really gets “Rebirth” off on the wrong foot.

Meanwhile, fans of the Batman family will be fascinated by Detective Comics #934, which advances the saga of the Bat-universe in a way that’s sure to have repercussions.  It’s an entertaining issue, putting the pieces in place for what promises to be a fun arc.

Marvel’s “Civil War II” arcs continue

Spider-Man devastated

The other event in this year’s “event season”, of course, is Marvel’s “Civil War II”.  This week sees a number of tie-ins, two of which – Civil War II: Gods of War #1 and New Avengers #12 – take the traditional approach of showing us another vantage point on the main event book.  New Avengers #12 is easily the most interesting, suggesting that the Maker is preparing to take advantage of the next anticipated superhero civil war.  Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1 is an odd book, and – although it gives you the first real chance to get to know Ulysses as a person rather than as a plot device – it’s not particularly strong.  There’s a stand-out moment (above), with Christos Gage’s writing and Travel Foreman’s art uniting in a pretty powerful scene.  But that’s not even the direction the book’s heading in.

Although some tie-ins for “Civil War II” (such as Ms. Marvel #7) have showed promise, this week’s “Civil War II” titles aren’t as impressive.  It probably doesn’t help that, so far, the main book has only succeeded in showing Tony Stark storm off; the tension levels are nowhere near those we associated with the first “Civil War” event.

A superb new Daredevil arc begins!

Daredevil poker

The real stand-out book this week, though, is Daredevil #8.  Charles Soule launches his next arc, and it hits the ground running with a scene that’s absolutely packed with power.  Soule is at the top of his game, and this really isn’t a book you can afford to miss.  Characterisation is top-rate, Goran Sudzuka’s art is perfect for the book, and the pacing of the narrative couldn’t be better.  Although this has generally been a poor week for Marvel, Daredevil #8 is perhaps one of the most promising books I’ve read this year so far.

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