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MTN DEW to Reveal VooDew 4 Flavor on Halloween

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October is moving right along and MTN DEW is about to make the revelation of the season. For the fourth straight year, the soda brand released a new VooDew flavor to coincide with Halloween. As with the previous three years, this year’s iteration also came in a cloudy white hue while being labeled as a mystery flavor. Now, MTN DEW has announced it’s finally announcing what the exact flavor of the VooDew nectar is in the perfect way possible: on All Hallow’s Eve.

The past three VooDew flavors have been a twist on classic Halloween treats. VooDew 1 (2019) kicked things off with a candy corn concoction while VooDew 2 (2020) and VooDew 3 (2021) were revealed as “fruit candy explosion” and “fruit chew candy,” respectively.

There are two first this year for the VooDew line too. For the first time ever, MTN DEW released a Zero Sugar version of the VooDew brand. Not only that, but come October 24th, DEW fiends will also be able to purchase a new pack of the previous VooDew flavors for nostalgia’s sake.

This year, the consensus has circled a sour candy such as Sour Patch Kids or the like. Keep scrolling to see what people are saying.

Swedish Fish


Pixie Sticks


Gimme a Baja


Melted Sour Skittles


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