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10 DC Comics Gadgets Batman Would Never Use

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When Bruce Wayne realized it was his destiny to become Batman, he first had to prepare himself. He spent years traveling the world and learning many skills to wage his neverending war on crime, mastering various martial arts, and learning every aspect of criminology. But even with all Batman knows, there is much more knowledge in the DC Universe to absorb.

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Paranormal arts, alien devices, and technology right out of science fiction all exist in the same world as Batman, but he doesn’t take full advantage of them. Bruce is aware of all these things, but that doesn’t mean he would readily incorporate certain weapons into his arsenal. Given Batman’s methods and how Gotham operates, there are some gadgets Batman would never use.

10/10 Batman Wouldn’t Use Chemicals That Temporarily Enhance His Strength

There are a variety of chemicals that can grant superpowers. From Hourman’s Miraclo to Bane’s Venom, both heroes and villains alike have used drugs that enhance their physical attributes. Due to their side effects, Batman avoids these types of enhancements.

Venom was able to make Bane stronger than Batman, but the lasting effects made Bane mentally unbalanced. Hourman developed an addiction to Miraclo, which became less effective over time. Batman would rather rely on his natural ability than use a chemical that is only helpful in the short term.

9/10 A Bulky Suit Of Armor Wouldn’t Work In Gotham

Batman’s standard set of tools and weapons is kept inside his utility belt, and for anything heavy-duty, there’s the Batmobile or the Batwing. What Batman wouldn’t do is use a suit of power armor on a regular basis.

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Jean-Paul Valley’s Batman wore an exoskeleton, and future versions of Batman, such as the Kingdom Come Batman and Batman Beyond, use suits with circuitry, but Batman avoids armor like Pat Dugan’s S.T.R.I.P.E. while operating in Gotham. Taking down criminals requires surveillance and evidence gathering, and Batman wouldn’t sacrifice stealth and agility for firepower.

8/10 Batman Is Strictly Anti-Gun

Batman’s aversion to guns and all sorts of firearms comes from the fact that his parents were gunned down in front of him. Guns are so prevalent in his world that some people Batman encounters, such as Deadshot, have incorporated them into their costumes.

Batman isn’t completely against devices that operate like guns. Some versions of his grappling hook fire the same way a gun does, but those aren’t lethal weapons. Batman believes guns are loud and prone to cause collateral damage, which is why he keeps them out of his crusade.

7/10 Certain Magic Objects Won’t Work For Batman

Batman’s reason, and willpower are what make him who he is. The last thing he would do is compromise himself or give up autonomy, which is required in order to use some weapons with magical properties.

Dr. Fate’shelmet of Nabu wouldn’t work for Batman because he doesn’t want the voice of previous hosts in his head. In Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke’s JLA #66, Wonder Woman had to prevent Batman from touching a piece of ancient Aztec armor that draws on faith. Batman concluded that, as he is an admitted atheist, he shouldn’t handle a divinely charged object.

6/10 Batman Rejected Sinestro’s Ring

The Green Lantern Corps use power rings that create energy constructs based on the user’s willpower. Batman has met many Green Lanterns and has used their rings from time to time. On the other end of the spectrum, the Sinestro Corps power rings are powered by fear, something Batman knows how to use well.

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Yellow power rings rely on the user’s ability to inspire fear, and while Batman has made a career of inducing fear, he rejected a yellow ring when chosen to wield it. Batman doesn’t want to be part of a group that relies on terrorizing the guilty and the innocent alike.

5/10 Batman Used Brother Eye But Drew The Line At OMAC

Batman has a reputation for being paranoid, and through that paranoia, he has justified some questionable behavior. That includes spying on those he should trust. Batman created Brother Eye, an undetectable satellite that would allow him to gather data on all metahumans, good and bad.

When Brother Eye was hacked by Maxwell Lord, it activated the OMACs. The OMACs, or Omni Mind and Community, were sleeper agents with powers granted by nanotechnology. Batman never designed Brother Eye to operate that way, and he worked alongside the heroes to shut the satellite down.

4/10 The God Killer Goes Against Batman’s Code

Batman’s number one rule is no killing, which means using only nonlethal weapons and absolutely no weapons whose only function is to kill. The God Killer, a sword created by the Greek God Hephaestus that mortals can use to slay a god, is an example of a weapon Batman wouldn’t touch.

The God Killer was used by Deathstroke, who is just as dangerous as Batman but makes his living as a hired assassin. Batman wouldn’t even bring something like the God Killer on a mission because it was designed to kill.

3/10 Batman Will Use Kryptonite Against Superman As Long As It Isn’t Gold

Batman and Superman work together so often, they sometimes co-star in a monthly title, but that doesn’t mean Batman fully trusts Superman. The Dark Knight has contingencies in place just in case the Man of Steel is corrupted or taken over.

Batman keeps a small piece of green kryptonite in his utility belt, and he has used it in fights against Superman. He has also synthesized red kryptonite to overload Superman’s senses and subdue him. Batman would never use gold kryptonite because that would rob Superman of his powers permanently, and Batman knows how much the world needs Superman.

Batman lives in a world so advanced that technology can take over a person’s very mind. Most notably to residents of Gotham, Batman’s enemy Mad Hatter has a mind control device programmed into his hat.

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Batman has studied this kind of technology, but he only uses this knowledge to neutralize the likes of Mad Hatter and the others. The Caped Crusader would never use it himself. Despite how easy it would make controlling crime, Batman has expressed disgust at altering a person’s mind. Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales’ Identity Crisis, most notably, had Batman go against members of the Justice League who used magic to alter the minds of their foes.

1/10 Batman Respects Green Arrow Too Much To Use His Gimmick

To maintain his reputation among the Gotham underworld, Batman has created a specific image. He doesn’t just dress like a bat, everything related to him is bat-themed. Many superheroes have developed their own signature styles, including Green Arrow.

Green Arrow’s gadgets function the same way Batman’s do, but his attacks come on the heads of arrows. Green Arrow is a longtime ally of Batman’s, and Batman wouldn’t use trick arrows out of respect. Batman also isn’t the marksman Green Arrow is, so arrows would be less effective if used by Batman.

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