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10 Marvel Heroes Who Would Be Helpful Roommates

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All Marvel fans have dreamed of having superpowers. Not only because they would be useful to keep their cities safe, but also because some of them are quite practical in the real world – getting stuck in traffic is a thing of the past if you can fly over the highway! The second-best thing to having superpowers would be to be close to a superhero. For example, living with them. Not necessarily as a sidekick or teammate, but as a roommate.

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Of course, not all Marvel heroes would make a good roommate, but some of them are definitely roomie material. Whether it is because they have easy-going personalities or because their abilities would save a lot of time on everyday chores, everyone would like to share a household with these characters.

10/10 Daredevil Loves Helping Others

Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, is the protector of Hell’s Kitchen. Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, Daredevil is a fearless vigilante who was blinded as a kid but gained superpowers in the process. Daredevil is one of Marvel’s darkest characters, but Matt Murdock is way more charming than his alter ego.

Although Matt can be self-righteous at moments due to his father’s high morals and his Catholicism, he also has quite a sense of humor. Besides, he loves helping others. For instance, most of his lawyer work is pro bono. Matt has his life together; he would never be late for rent, he will always feel morally compelled to help in the house, and will never say no when his roommates ask him to lend a hand.

9/10 Doctor Strange Is An Expert On Magic & Health Topics

Doctor Strange was an arrogant surgeon who lost everything he had due to a tragic accident. This made him bitter for a while, but then he found his true calling as Sorcerer Supreme. Since then, Stephen is way easier to hang out with.

As a former successful surgeon, Doctor Strange has no money issues, so he will never be problematic in this sense. Additionally, his skills as a doctor and his magic could probably come in handy for any daily problem. Sadly, he would never let a stranger live in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

8/10 America Chavez’s Abilities Would Save A Lot Of Time & Money

Also known as Miss America, America Chavez has one of the coolest powers in the MCU: she can kick open star-shaped portals that teleport her and others to anywhere in the multiverse. Her ability would be practical on a daily basis because she can teleport people anywhere.

Additionally, America Chavez is super strong, so moving wouldn’t really be a problem. Besides, when she loses her tough-girl facade, she’s a very cool person to hang out with. America Chavez is fun, interesting, and smart. Beyond the practical uses of her powers, anyone would want to be her friend.

7/10 Vision Is A Wise, Pacifist Being

A synthezoid created by Ultron to destroy the Avengers, Vision betrayed his creator and joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. His commitment to the team has never been questioned because he has high moral principles. The fact that he’s an upstanding citizen makes Vision an excellent roommate.

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Vision seems to have a very polite personality and his attempt to understand human nature has provided him with the right tools to be a great advisor. He would be a very good roommate in troublesome times, and he could even become a great friend. Plus, his sweater game is unbeatable, which means he could help his roomie with their fashion.

6/10 Ms. Marvel Would Be Fun To Live With

Ms. Marvel went from being a superhero fan to being a superhero herself. Thanks to her shapeshifting abilities, Kamala Khan has been defending New Jersey for almost a decade, and while she has a messy personality, Kamala would be the perfect roommate for a superhero fan like herself.

On one hand, Ms. Marvel would definitely introduce anyone to her superhero friends because she more than anyone understands the hype. Additionally, she and her roommate would have no issues selecting the decorations in the house. All in all, it would be the funniest living arrangement. The apartment would need to allow large dogs, though, since Ms. Marvel takes care of Lockjaw, an incredible Marvel pet.

5/10 She-Hulk’s Abilities Are Incredibly Practical

Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, has the best of two worlds: she’s a gamma being with super strength and resilience, but she doesn’t lose control whenever she transforms like her cousin the Hulk. If anything, these powers make her more confident and charismatic. She-Hulk rarely becomes as irrational as other gamma beings.

She-Hulk’s strength and height would come in very handy on a daily basis in a house. Additionally, Jennifer is a smart and interesting woman who everyone would want as a friend. On top of that, her legal expertise could help her roommates land a good deal with their landlord.

4/10 Scarlet Witch’s Powers Would Keep The House Clean Without Effort

Scarlet Witch is unarguably one of the most powerful superheroes on Marvel. Her telepathic, telekinetic, and psionic abilities can literally bend reality to her will. Regardless, such mystical powers would also be useful in a domestic environment.

Without considering that Wanda’s powers can do real harm, they’re also practical for menial tasks, like keeping the house tidy and clean. The only real problem about sharing a living agreement with her would be that her powers are very connected to her emotions, so things could get out of control. It’s best to keep Scarlet Witch happy, otherwise, she may whisper “No more roommates.”

3/10 The Wasp Reputation Makes Her A Great Acquaintance

A charismatic socialite, Janet van Dyne -aka Wasp – raises the reputation of everyone she hangs out with. She’s smart, rich, and powerful, but she’s also a very caring woman. Sharing a house with her would surely have all kinds of advantages. In fact, She-Hulk knows this very well.

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When Jennifer Walters was homeless, Janet lent She-Hulk her apartment and her whole wardrobe. She also put She-Hulk in contact with successful people, and helped her with a number of problems. Anyone living with Wasp would probably get these benefits. Janet is also known for being the most stylish of the Marvel heroes, so having her around to help pick out an ensemble for the night would be a huge boon.

2/10 Captain America Is The Least Problematic Character In Marvel

Captain America is one of the most beloved heroes in the Marvel Universe. He’s morally upstanding, has a strong sense of justice, and he’s as kind as it gets. Cap’s firm set of values and his super abilities make him an excellent teammate. Additionally, they would make him a great guy to live with.

On one hand, Captain America’s super strength and super stamina would be useful when cleaning., and his squeaky clean reputation would definitely help to get a good deal out of a landlord. On top of that, as a former member of the army, Captain America must be a very organized man, so the apartment is sure to be very clean.

1/10 Who Wouldn’t Want To Live With Their Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?

Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, is a definite fan favorite. He’s relatable, has an incredible sense of humor, and has never been a problematic character. All these traits, combined with his superpowers, make him the ultimate choice for a superhero roommate.

While money has been an issue for Spider-Man, he has a stable job these days, so he would never be an economical liability. Additionally, his spider senses would keep the house protected as long as he was around. The only downside of living with Spider-Man would be that his webs could end up cluttering the place. However, they would also be useful to reach things in high places.

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