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How to Unlock the Third Semester

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Persona 5 Royal’s third semester and its newest palace are easy to unlock, but there’s a time limit on when this can take place in the game.

Persona 5 Royal is now available on numerous gaming consoles, allowing more gamers than ever to steal hearts as the Phantom Thieves. This upgraded edition of the first game contains plenty of new material and playable content, keeping things interesting for even those who played the original version of Persona 5. Additions include\ a new third semester that’s added onto the latter part of the game.

A whole new section of the game to play through is an exciting way to add value to the “add-on” game, but it’s actually possible to completely miss the requirements. This can make the game’s true ending unavailable based on choices made much earlier in the proceedings. With Persona 5 Royal playable on even more gaming hardware, here’s how gamers can unlock the title’s third semester of school.

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The third semester and the final palace that it contains are all elements of Persona 5 Royal that occur after the main story. Unfortunately, even those who diligently try to play the game to completion might miss their chance to get this extra semester – and thus, the game’s true ending. Unlocking the third semester involves leveling up one of the game’s confidants, also known as social links. In fact, this is the only thing necessary for the third semester to transpire.

To secure the third semester, players need to reach the ninth rank of the Councillor Arrcana. This is done by spending time with Doctor Maruki, who’s exclusive to Persona 5 Royal and wasn’t in the first version of the game. Leveling up this connection happens even faster if the player has a Persona with the Councillor Arcana. While this is all fairly straightforward, players need to be cognizant of their timeframe.

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Persona 5 Royal’s Third Semester Has a Time Limit to Unlock

Unfortunately, all the aforementioned needs to be accomplished by a certain point in the game or the third semester becomes impossible to unlock. Players should reach Rank 9 of the Councillor Arcana with Doctor Maruki by November 18th, with the ranking immediately becoming Level 10 on that date if they’ve done so. Maruki can even be found at the school on some days, making it easier to raise the rank. If players neglect to get Maruki’s ranking up to Level 10 by this point, the game will continue as normal, though the additional semester will not be available.

Unlocking the third semester is just one of several elements needed to get to the game’s true ending, which is similar to how the true ending was handled in the title’s predecessor, Persona 4 Golden. This gives Persona 5 Royal lots of replay value, as well as incentivizes befriending the game’s newest social link.

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