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The 10 Most Terrifying Hollows In Bleach, Ranked

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Bleach has returned to screens after a 10-year hiatus. The anime is beloved globally for its riveting characters, unique fighting system, detailed world-building, and arguably, the best Shonen anime soundtracks. The Bleach’s villains vary, but none have been more present and relevant than the Hollows.

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The dwellers of Hueco Mundo, hollows devour souls and thus create an imbalance that could destroy the world. Their varied characterizations, appearances, and abilities are suited to such devious antagonists, and crafted in such a manner as to elicit genuine horror among the audience, and whoever faces them.

10/10 The Hammerhead Arrancar Is A Frightening Sadist

Tier Hallibel is the third Espada, representing sacrifice. In the filler arc – Karakura Fake Town – Hallibel’s backstory is introduced. Hueco Mundo is an unfriendly place for female hollows, who often get devoured by males. One of these males is Barragan’s servant, the ‘Hammerhead Arrancar’.

His terror stems not from his looks or abilities, but from his crude and vile personality. The Hammerhead takes pleasure in inflicting torture and disrespectfully taunts his opponents while doing so. His obsession with strength and power makes for an egotistical character, and watching him relish in his sadism makes for a fearsome foe.

9/10 Rudbornn’s Abilities Would Freak Anyone Out

The Exequias are the vultures of Hueco Mundo, cleaning up after the battles that occur and handling the security concerns. Rudbornn Chelute is the leader of this outfit. A bull’s skull forms all of Rudbornn’s face, distinguishing him markedly from other arrancars who have humanoid facial features. During his battle with Kuchiki Rukia, it is revealed that Rudbornn’s ability, Arbol, can create multiple clones of himself.

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The Exequias is then revealed to be nothing more than Rudbornn walking about with his clones. The form he takes after his resurrection,is a ghastly sight. Rudbornn becomes a literal tree, with branches laden with fruit in the form of skulls. His terrifying appearance and unnerving final form are a freakish sight to behold.

8/10 White’s Incomprehensible Nature Makes Him A Scary Foe

White is the culmination of Aizen’s efforts to try to create a hollow from the soul of a Shinigami, in his quest to transcend the boundaries of Shinigami and Hollows. White is wholly black, save for his white mask. His hollow hole is odd, in that it is filled with red matter of sorts.

Two black horns protrude from its head, and instead of forearms, blades extend from its elbows. White cannot speak, and is supremely skilled and well-versed in Shinigami techniques. As displayed by Isshin during the battle with White, White’s cold and calculated yet instinctual actions, as well as his Shinigami fighting style despite being a hollow, make him a terrifying paradox to face.

7/10 Burujeria Is A Grotesque Transformation

The first horrific thing about the 7th Espada is how he releases his zanpakuto. Taking a bracing stance after levitating his zanpakuto across him horizontally, he clasps his hands together. He then rotates his head until it is parallel to the floor, whilst his Zanpakuto breaks itself at joints to form a spiral. Smoke covers his whole form, and he emerges.

He resembles a large pumpkin filled with eyes for his lower half. His ability, Burujeria, or witchcraft, completely overrides the will of his opponents. By looking at a specific part of the body with his numerous eyes, a marking develops which allows Zommari to remotely control his opponent at will. After witnessing a most gruesome release command, and losing autonomy over self, Zoummari is a hollow that would be too frightening for any opponent.

6/10 Wonderweiss Margiella Has An Unnerving Power Release

Wonderweiss Margiella is as curious as he is an oddity. Another creation of Aizen, his sole purpose was to seal the flames of the Captain Commander’s Ryuujin Jakka. Rationality, speech, memory retention, and intelligence were forcefully removed during his creation, all to make him more powerful.

Due to this, Wonderweiss can only speak in dawdling syllables. His resurrection, Extinguir, changes Wonderweiss’ appearance from that of an aloof and lanky teen boy, to a revolting creature. Wonderweiss develops into a larger version of himself, with holes arranged in the corners of his abdomen, and the ability to sprout 100 bloody arms from his shoulders.

5/10 Ayon Is A Fearsome Chimera

The Tres Bestia are Tier Hallibel’s Fracciones. The three are a force to reckon with, with strong personalities and dominant powers to boot. As a last resort, they can create a hollow from their ripped-off left arms – Ayon. Essentially a chimera, Ayon is a hulking giant beast that has aspects from each of its makers.

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A deer’s skull for a face, a dark, long, brown mane running down its back, hooves in place of feet, and a greenish-white snake for a tail. Ayon is a brute, who only thinks about killing. It cannot communicate, adding to its foreboding creation, appearance, and abilities.

4/10 Sszayel’s Ability To Be Born From Anything Is Horrifying

Sszayel Aporro Granz is the 8th Espada. The Hueco Mundo’s resident mad scientist, Sszayel is startling due to his abilities. Fornicaras allows Sszayel to create a doll of the opponent. The doll comes with capsules that each represent a body part or internal organ. When the capsule is broken, the opponent receives the same damage.

More horrifying, however, is Gabrielle, which allows Sszayel to implant a part of himself – upon physical contact – into the opponent. When pushed to the edge, Sszayel can be reborn from the host, draining all their nutrients and fluids, in a fatal process for the victim. This makes him a formidable foe, and a scary one to encounter.

3/10 Gluttony Is More Than Sinful When It Comes To Glottoneria

Initially presented as a lanky figure with a capsule for a head, not much seemed off about the often quiet and fully cloaked Arrancar, Aaroniero Arruruerie. Later, it is revealed that the veiled capsule is full of a red liquid, and within it, two small hollow heads are suspended. They each possess a personality, and speak in tandem, albeit with different pitches.

The oddities of his face aside, Aaroniero’s resurrection is a terrifying ability. Representing “gluttony”, Glottoneria can absorb other hollows, even while they are dead, and acquire all their abilities and spiritual pressure. Aside from being a hideous amalgamation of tentacles, blob, and purple liquid, Aaroniero’s heinous use of his hollow-eating ability makes him a fearsome foe.

2/10 Fighting Against Your Loved One Would Leave Indelible Trauma

Grand Fisher is a notorious hollow that evaded capture by the Arrancar for almost 54 years. He possesses unique abilities, which he leverages to deceptively capture souls. The hollow has a tentacle that protrudes from the forehead. Using his ‘transcribe’ ability, Grand Fisher can search out the memories of whoever he pierces.

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After acquiring the memory, he can use the tentacle on his head to project an image of someone held dear by his prey, effectively serving as a lure. He insidiously used this against Ichigo the day his mother died, transforming the lure into a young girl crying for help, who Ichigo runs to. This ‘lure’ ability makes him a terrifying opponent, as fighting the projection of those closest to you would be an uphill psychological battle.

Metastacia is a horrid creature to look at. He has six limbs, a back filled with tentacles, and a flame-patterned mask on his face. Aside from looking revolting, Metastacia’s abilities are among the most intriguing and daunting to encounter.

Using ‘spirit body fusion’, Metastacia can launch his tentacles into an opponent and permanently bond with them, effectively killing the host. Alarmingly, Metastacia can also cause the destruction of a Shinigami’s zanpakuto when said Shinigami touches the tentacles on his back. Coupled with his glee when eating Shinigami and his cruel nature, Metastacia is a blood-curdling hollow to meet.

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