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The Best Cards for Beginner Decks

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Marvel Snap has finally been released worldwide, and new players are getting their chance to snap their way to higher ranks and collect more cards the more they play. With a whopping total of 229 cards, it will take new players quite a bit of time to complete their collections.

As fans discover and covet more powerful cards through Marvel Snap‘s collection level system, new players should be careful not to take some earlier cards for granted. Select beginner-level cards see plenty of play in the higher ranks, and new players should take advantage of each if they want to succeed. Here are five cards newcomers can use to help build their decks in Marvel Snap.

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Iron Man Is a Powerhouse in Marvel Snap Decks

Iron Man is one of the first powerful cards players will experience right out the gate in Marvel Snap. He is not only used in the Marvel Snap tutorial, but once it is complete, he will be available in the player’s collection. Iron Man has an ongoing ability that doubles the power of the location in which he’s played. Succeeding in Marvel Snap depends on securing locations with as many points as possible, and doubling the player’s points makes Iron Man a location-winning card. Cards that synergize well with Iron Man either have plenty of power, like Hulk or Abomination, or buff other cards, like Spectrum or Blue Marvel.

Odin Uses the Abilities of Other Cards to Score Wins

Odin focuses on a particular archetype: on reveal. On reveal is considered one of the standard archetypes used to climb the ranks fast early on. Odin is given to the players within the first 14 collection levels of Marvel Snap. He is unique because he’s the finisher and the win condition of the on reveal archetype. Even in decks involving high collection-level cards, he can still be valuable. Odin’s ability activates the on reveal abilities of the other cards at the location in which he’s played. This allows the player to repeat some strong abilities of other cards like White Tiger, which adds a 7-power Tiger to a random location, or Ironheart, which buffs 3 other random cards.

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Apocalypse Makes the Player Want to Discard It

Another popular archetype in Marvel Snap is the discard archetype. This archetype has a few win conditions, but most decks include Apocalypse, and new players can get him early within the first pool set of cards between collection levels 18 to 214. Some might think discarding is an awful thing since other collectible card games have struggled in the past to make it work, but this is not the case with Apocalypse. His ability is that when he is discarded, he returns to the player’s hand and gains 4 more power. Play the cards right with Blade, Lady Sif, and Sword Master, and players can potentially have a 20-power drop at the end of the game.

Ka-Zar Provides Marvel Snap’s Low-Energy Cards With a Boost

Marvel Snap‘s cards rely on how much energy players are given each turn. The cheapest cards are 1-energy cards, which allow players to fill the board fast. However, some early 1-energy cards leave a lot to be desired as they’re less powerful than a 6-energy Hulk or 5-energy Iron Man. This is where Ka-Zar comes into the picture. His ongoing ability has him buffing all 1-energy cards on the board with 1 extra power. It may not seem like much, but once players start combining him with Blue Marvel and Onslaught, that totals an extra 4 plus power to all one drops on the player’s board. Ka-Zar also synergizes well with Strong Guy and Wolfsbane — just beware of Killmonger in the higher ranks.

Marvel Snap’s Angela Gains Power Through the Use of Other Cards

The lesser-known Asgardian goddess Angela falls into the same collection pool as Apocalypse, collection level 18-214, so it might take some time before players add her to their collection. However, once players get Angela, she should be a must-add to any deck they may be running. Angela’s ability is to gain 2-power when the player adds a card at her location. If done correctly, with the help of Nightcrawler, she can become a 10-power card at the cheap cost of only 2-energy. To many in the Marvel Snap community, Angela is considered the strongest card within the first pool set of cards.

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