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The Sims Alien Appearances & Lore, Explained

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The Sims has always had a weird relationship with the supernatural. Between all the haunted dolls, vampires, werewolves, and even some oddly creepy imaginary friends, there’s enough wonderfully wild content for any fantasy lover out there. Sci-fi has also always had some interesting representation throughout the series. While some fans may remember things like the TARDIS appearing in The Sims 3: Supernatural or the various futuristic expansions throughout the years, aliens have been by far one of the most common.

Most people are likely aware that there are aliens in The Sims. In a majority of the games, using a telescope at night has a chance to lead to an alien abduction, which in turn can get the abductee pregnant with an alien baby. Those who keep up with the lore of these games might also be aware of how aliens play a role in Bella Goth’s disappearance. However, there’s a lot more about how aliens have been involved in the games of which some fans may be unaware.

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Alien Abductions Begin the Sci-Fi Trend in The Sims

Aliens don’t physically appear in the original Sims, although Sims can still get abducted if the Livin’ Large expansion is installed. By using the “gaze” option on the Horrorwitz “Star-Track” Backyard Telescope, there’s a very slight chance that the Sim will catch the attention of a UFO and, soon after, be abducted. When abducted, a Sim’s needs will freeze and any other Sims on the lot will run over to the abduction spot to panic.

Abducted Sims will be returned to their home after a little while, physically unharmed. However, their personality and interests will both be randomly changed. In the original Sims, abduction is meant to be a fun Easter egg. While UFOs and aliens are rather simple in this first game, later Sims games would greatly expand on the lore of the extraterrestrials. The abductions in the first Sims game were later explained as just the beginnings of aliens experimenting on Sims.

The Aliens Really Start Taking Over in The Sims 2

Aliens moved beyond simple Easter eggs in The Sims 2. Several NPCs in-game have aliens in their family trees, with some of those aliens even being playable. If gamers want to get an alien Sim of their own, however, then they’ll have to break out the telescope once again. While simply using a telescope offers a slight chance of abduction, Sims with the Aspiration benefit for Knowledge can summon aliens, which almost guarantees abduction.

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Unlike in the original Sims, anyone who’s abducted won’t suffer any negative effects. However, abducted male Sims may come back pregnant with an alien baby. Bella Goth’s abduction happens prior to the events of The Sims 2, with the character reappearing in Strangetown with no memory of the events prior to her abduction. There also seems to be a rather terrifying subplot of aliens slowly replacing normal Sims, as some human-looking Sims are implied to actually be aliens in disguise.

Alien Powers and UFOs Are Available in The Sims 3

With The Sims 3: Seasons installed, aliens can once again appear in-game. Sims looking to get abducted in this game don’t need to waste money on a telescope, as simply walking around outside at night can potentially lead to an abduction. Otherwise, using a telescope or holding onto some space rocks will increase the abduction chance. The Sims 3 also marks the first time players can technically create an alien Sim in Create-A-Sim, though they’re only aliens in appearance.

Aliens in The Sims 3 follow the lead of other unique life-states by having some unique benefits compared to normal Sims. Aliens who join a Sim’s family get access to their UFO, which acts as a unique vehicle for traveling around The Sims 3‘s open world. They also get access to a wide range of telepathic abilities, such as being able to fix a broken object with their mind or linking their minds with nearby Sims to modify their needs.

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The Sims 4 Allows Players to Visit an Alien World

In The Sims 4: Get to Work, there’s more lore on why exactly the aliens are abducting Sims, to begin with. For one, it’s revealed that aliens can disguise themselves to look like normal Sims. They also seem to come from a planet called Sixam, which can actually be visited with a rocket ship or a wormhole generator. Sims who travel to Sixam can meet aliens and find unique collectibles to take back with them. Scientists are aware of the planet’s existence, as they may occasionally be tasked with visiting the planet for their jobs.

Aliens can be freely created via Create-a-Sim, though the usual methods for abduction also return. In The Sims 4, however, it appears as though the aliens are specifically seeking out Sims who are technologically inclined. Scientist Sims who have built several of the game’s futuristic devices have a higher chance of being abducted at night. Oddly enough, it’s apparently possible for Sims in the Scientist profession to contact aliens using a computer.

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The Sims Spinoff Games Also Feature Aliens

The history of aliens in The Sims doesn’t stop with the main-series games. Countless spinoff titles from throughout the franchise’s history have featured their own weird and wild alien-based Easter eggs. One of the more interesting ones exists on the often-overlooked Nintendo DS version of The Sims 2. In this game, aliens can randomly invade Strangetown, requiring players to track them down and defeat them with their water guns. These aliens are closer in appearance to the traditional gray alien rather than the green-skinned humanoids typically found in the series.

In the console ports of The Sims 2, players can select an alien-like skin color for their Sims. This also changes their eyes and removes some facial customization features. Alien Sims don’t get any special powers or benefits. As far as gameplay is concerned, they’re basically just normal Sims and can even still be abducted through means similar to the PC version of The Sims 2. Given that aliens are one of the longest-running Easter eggs in the series, it’s no surprise that they would find a way to the spinoff Sims games as well.

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