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Harry Potter’s Hagrid Loves All Animals But This One

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Harry Potter’s Rubeus Hagrid loves magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. So how did cats end up on his bad side in the Wizarding World?

Magical creatures abound within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And no matter how scary the beast might be, one man loves them all — Rubeus Hagrid. While wizards seem to set themselves apart from their magical brethren, sentient or otherwise, Hagrid straddles the two parts as he is half-giant himself. Perhaps that’s what allows him to interact with all manner of creatures with almost careless compassion. However, not even the big-hearted Hagrid is immune to bias, but at least he has a valid reason for his.

Hagrid Is a Friend to All Magical Creatures

An equal-opportunity lover of animals, Hagrid seems hard-pressed to run across a creature he doesn’t like. While his massive Fang was hardly a threat to anyone — Hagrid actually calls him a bloody coward at one point — he did take many a dangerous creature into his care. He spoke of Fluffy, the monstrous three-headed dog, the way one’s auntie might describe her corgi.

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On top of being fascinated by all manner of magical creatures, Hagrid held a deep concern for their health and wellbeing. He yearned after a baby dragon, distressed over the hatchling’s chances of survival when it was removed from his home. And when the Hippogriff, Buckbeak, came under scrutiny, Hagrid went all the way to the Ministry of Magic to defend him. So, how did one unfortunate animal end up on the wrong side of Hagrid?

Why Hagrid Isn’t Fond of Cats

Shortly after meeting up with the eleven-year-old Harry Potter, Hagrid reveals his four-footed nemesis. As he takes Harry through Diagon Alley, he buys the boy a gift to make up for lost birthdays together. Hagrid explains that Hogwarts students are allowed to bring an animal to school and gifts Harry his snowy owl, Hedwig.

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At that time, he offers a passing comment about how he wouldn’t get Harry a cat, saying he’s never cared for them since they make him sneeze. Author J. K. Rowling has since confirmed that Hagrid is, in fact, allergic to cats. Unfortunately for cats and Hagrid, a relationship between them was never meant to be. However, Hagrid seems to suffer no shortage of creatures to drag home and curl up with on a rainy night. And maybe that isn’t such a bad thing in the end. After all, even an Acromantula like Aragog needs a tummy rub from time to time. And if Hagrid isn’t spending his time on cats, he’ll be available to love on the critters that scare the wits out of everyone else.

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