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10 Best Side Characters In MCU Shows

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The shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 have introduced many new and returning side characters who provide the protagonists with a great deal of support. Other great side characters may pose interesting challenges, provide comic relief, or display some key similarities or differences to the heroes.

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The best side characters challenge the protagonists and audiences by questioning their way of thinking. Many side characters in the MCU television series contributed a lot to their respective series, making fans hope to see them in a future MCU installment, theatrical or otherwise.

10/10 Maya Lopez Is A Reflection Of Who Hawkeye Once Was


Maya was the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia in Hawkeye. She trained in martial arts at a young age, showing incredible talent in the sport and in academics. When her father was killed by Ronin, she became obsessed with vengeance. She refused to listen to reason until she realized that she was being used as a weapon the same way that Ronin was.

From that point, she stopped and questioned the motivations of the people around her. She turned on Kingpin, who ordered her father’s death. Maya wasn’t a one-note villain. Her motivations were very similar to Ronin’s, and her powerful bond with Kazi Kazimierczak made her feel more human.

9/10 Jack Duquesne Is A Surprisingly Wholesome Character


Jack Duquesne was engaged to Eleanor Bishop. Despite Kate Bishop’s hostility, he remained cordial. He cooked her a meal, tried to prove that he could make Eleanor happy, and searched for common ground with Kate. He even bought books on being a good stepfather. As Kate said, he really did seem too good to be true.

When his innocence was proven at the end of Hawkeye, it became apparent that he was trying to be the best parent to Kate that he could be. He even used his stellar swordsmanship skills to help Kate with the Tracksuit Mafia.

8/10 Khonshu Shows That Justice Isn’t Black & White

Moon Knight

Khonshu is the Egyptian Moon God and made his first appearance in Moon Knight. His identity wasn’t clear at first, appearing as a dark and imposing figure, much like a grim reaper. His design is fantastic, appearing as a humanoid with the head of a bird skull. His avatars are Moon Knights, tasked with seeking vengeance for those who suffered at the hands of criminals.

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Khonshu is one of the few gods who hasn’t given up on humans and doesn’t share the same ideals as Ammit, who wanted to punish people before their crimes are committed. Despite this, Khonshu was not portrayed as a hero. He manipulated Marc Specter by threatening to make someone close to him the next Moon Knight and made his Avatars kill for him.

7/10 Bruno Carrelli Is A Great Friend

Ms. Marvel

Bruno Carrelli is Kamala Khan’s best friend. Throughout Ms. Marvel, Bruno was always there to support her and her family. He helped Kamala’s father get accustomed to more modern technology and helped Kamala with her Ms. Marvel costume. He even crafted photon gloves that lit up, showing that he is also a genius. He then applied his intellect to look into interdimensional travel for Kamala and the Clandestines.

Bruno was even willing to fight against the Clandestines when they turned against Kamala, even if it meant getting hurt. Although he had feelings for her, he never let them get in the way of saving Kamran. He was willing to act as a decoy just so Kamran could get to safety. He was with Kamala every step of the way through her journey as a hero, helping her grow accustomed to her powers and being her closest confidant.

6/10 Nebula Is Drastically Different From Her Other Counterparts

What If…?

While What If…? showed various outcomes of what would happen if an event in the MCU timeline changed, Nebula was one of the most drastically different characters. Fans have seen three different versions of Nebula: The main one who bonded with her sister and fought against Thanos, the one taken from the past who lived in perpetual fear of Thanos, and the Nebula in What If…?.

What If…? Nebula was taken from her home planet and raised by Thanos like the others, but T’Challa managed to make Thanos give up on his quest to exterminate half of all life in the universe. This spared Nebula from much of Thanos’ torment, and she sported only one upgraded eye, unlike the other Nebulas whose bodies were mostly made of robotic parts. Nebula is close to T’Challa and seems to be more empathetic and relaxed, and fans couldn’t help but feel happy that Nebula has a better life in at least one part of the Multiverse.

5/10 Mobius M. Mobius Helps Loki Become A Better Person


Mobius is a member of the Time Variance Authority in Loki. He gave Loki multiple chances to be better, but after being tricked enough times, he learned not to take Loki too seriously. He was the one who revealed Loki’s future, which was essential in making Loki start to self-reflect.

Although his primary reason for investing time in Loki was to track down Sylvie, the two became surprisingly close. Mobius would eventually discover that the TVA had been lying to him for as long as he can remember, and one of his first instincts upon returning from the void was to improve the TVA and help everyone get their free will back.

4/10 Classic Loki Is The Most Mature & Honest Version Of The Character


Classic Loki was a mature man who had become more honest with himself. He wasn’t interested in power like the other versions of himself, despite being one of the most powerful. Rather than wasting time on weapons, he fully leaned into his magical potential. His illusions were so powerful that he was able to recreate Asgard, although he hadn’t seen it in years.

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Thanks to his magic, Thanos didn’t notice Loki disguising himself as debris. This allowed him to survive the encounter, and he hid away on another planet. He admitted that the only reason why he was captured by the TVA was because he missed his brother, and was wondering if Thor missed him too.

3/10 John Walker Genuinely Tries To Live Up To Steve Rogers

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, John Walker was a decorated soldier who wanted to live up to the previous Captain America. He wasn’t perfect, and he doubted his ability to fill Steve Rogers’ shoes. His confidence only plummeted when he lost to the Dora Milaje, who weren’t even Super Soldiers.

He hesitated but was convinced by his partner, Battlestar, to take the Super Soldier Serum. John Walker’s feelings of inadequacy only got worse, as he lost Battlestar and vengefully killed a Flag Smasher. Walker managed to redeem himself by prioritizing hostages over chasing after Karli Morgenthau.

2/10 Monica Rambeau Is One Of The Few Who Believes In Wanda


Monica Rambeau made her second MCU appearance in WandaVision. She returned to working for S.W.O.R.D. after returning from the Snap and was sent to investigate WestView. She didn’t buy into Tyler Hayward’s lies, and throughout the series, she was convinced that Wanda wasn’t malicious or evil. She wanted to help Wanda and the people in WestView, even after being in the Hex.

As a person who had lost someone she loved so suddenly, Monica felt like she could relate to Wanda. It made sense for her to be so eager to help her, since it was a way to help Monica come to terms with her own loss.

1/10 Wong Is The Best Character In She-Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Wong has appeared in multiple MCU movies, and fans were delighted to see him make an appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. He was involved in two of She-Hulk’s cases. Wong added that he was the one who broke Emil Blonsky out of prison in order to help Blonsky, but quickly portaled away when told it was a crime.

Wong even issued a cease and desist against Donny Blaze, who was using portals to send people to dangerous places. When speaking with Blaze, Wong showed a small, competitive streak he didn’t want to admit to. Although he is the Sorcerer Supreme, he is still a strong source of comic relief and was one of the best characters in the show.

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