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Clone High Revival on Track for 2023 Premiere

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Clone High co-creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller confirm HBO Max’s upcoming revival series is slated to premiere in 2023.

Nothing bad ever happens to Clone High!

While Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent cost-cutting measures seem to have disproportionately affected animated content, Clone High co-creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have confirmed that HBO Max’s planned revival of the MTV animated series is still moving forward as planned. What’s more, it’s expected to premiere sometime next year. “20 years ago today our first show, CLONE HIGH, debuted. Seems about time to unfreeze the clones. They’ll be fully thawed out in 2023 on HBOMax,” Miller tweeted. “To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Clone High… [HBO Max] gifted us some industrial strength hair dryers! Thawing out in 2023…” Lord added.

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Created by Lord and Miller alongside Bill Lawrence, Clone High (also known as Clone High USA) was a co-production between Canadian animation studio Nelvana and MTV Animation. The series centered on a high school attended by teenage clones of major historical figures, with the main cast of characters including Abraham Lincoln (Will Forte), Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan), Mahatma Gandhi (Michael McDonald), Cleopatra VII (Christa Miller) and John F. Kennedy (Christopher Miller). Presiding over the school was the mad scientist Principal Scudworth (Lord).

Way, Way Back in the 2000s…

Clone High originally premiered on Teletoon in Canada on Nov. 2, 2002, with its one and only season running for a total of 13 episodes, concluding on March 2, 2003. Clone High premiered on MTV in the United States on Jan. 20, 2003, though only aired eight episodes of Season 1 through March 2003. The reason for this is that MTV abruptly pulled the show due to a controversy stemming from its depiction of Gandhi.

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Following its sudden cancellation — which left Season 1’s cliffhanger ending of all the clones being frozen in ice unresolved — Clone High faded into obscurity, though managed to cultivate a cult following over the years. The remaining episodes of Season 1 eventually aired on MTV Classic in 2016.

In 2020, it came to light that Lord, Miller and Lawrence were developing a Clone High revival series.In early 2021, the Clone High revival series officially received a two-season order at HBO Max. The following June, the first table read for the revival took place, with Miller revealing that the first episode of the new series had been aptly titled, “Let’s Try This Again.”

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HBO Max’s Clone High revival is slated to premiere in 2023.

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