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DC’s Stargirl “Frenemies Chapter Ten The Killer” Preview Released

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The third season of DC’s Stargirl has seen the young JSA take on their biggest challenge yet as they investigate the murder of Steven Sharpe/The Gambler and it’s an investigation that has taken some interesting turns — particularly with the discovery that someone has been watching them via cameras hidden all over Blue Valley. But now, a new synopsis for “Frenemies Chapter Ten: The Killer” hints that we may finally get the identity of the killer and it seems like in the process, there’s going to be some major developments for everyone involved. And all of this after a major fight this week between the JSA and the Mahkents.

The episode also saw Mike and Jakeem make a major discovery and that will have a big impact in the upcoming episode as well,  while Paula and Larry decide to handle things on their own. Considering that Paula and Larry are former Injustice Society members who have been trying to be good guys this season, that could either be a very good thing or a catastrophic one. You can check out the preview as well as the episode synopsis below.

THE AFTERMATH — Courtney (Brec Bassinger) and the team regroup after a dramatic confrontation leaves battle lines clearly drawn.  A terrifying discovery made by Mike (Trae Romano) and Jakeem (Alkoya Brunson) forces Pat (Luke Wilson) and Sylvester (Joel McHale) to go on high alert.  Finally, Paula (Joy Osmanski) and Larry (Neil Hopkins) take matters into their own hands to make things right.  Andi Armaganian directed the episode written by James Dale Robinson & Taylor Streitz.

Has Stargirl been renewed for Season 4?

Unfortunately for fans of Stargirl, it was announced on Monday, October 31st that the series will end with the current, third season. New episodes will continue to air through December 7th, but the series will get a genuine finale as the creative team was alerted that the series was not being picked up for Season 4 with enough time to give it a proper send off.

Stargirl has always held a special place in my heart for many reasons. With all the brewing changes at the network, we were aware this was possibly the last season, so we wrote with that in mind and have delivered what I believe to be the best season of Stargirl yet, with complete creative closure,” Johns said. “The cast and crew are extraordinary, and I’d like to thank them for helping me bring this series to life. Brec embodied Courtney in every way possible — with grace, strength and humor — exceeding my wildest expectations. I am grateful to WBTV and The CW for giving us a home to tell this story and to honor my beloved late sister, and I’m beyond thankful to the press and fans who have always championed us for three amazing seasons. Most series never get this far. We couldn’t be more proud of our show and the fan community it’s built!”

DC’s Stargirl airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. “Frenemies Chapter Ten: The Killer” airs November 9th.

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