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Godzilla Confirmed as Guest Character in Fighting Game

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Godzilla is being added to a fighting game on PlayStation consoles and PC. Godzilla is one of the most iconic characters in fiction. He has a kick-ass song named after him, a bunch of sweet movies, he fought King Kong a few times, and is generally just kind of rad. Who doesn’t like a big lizard that destroys cities, fights other weird monsters, and has radioactive fire breath? With that said, it’s been quite some time since Godzilla really got some love in the video game space. He’s popped up here and there over the years, even making a major appearance in Call of Duty earlier this year, but he wasn’t playable sadly.

However, he will be playable later this year in GigaBash, a monster brawler on PS4, PS5, and PC. Godzilla is coming to GigaBash on December 9th, 2022, so there’s a bit of a wait, but the teaser is pretty exciting. The legendary kaiju is seen standing the wreckage of a burning city before charging up his radioactive breath and letting out his iconic roar. Needless to say, the team behind this game knows why fans like Godzilla and will be leaning into that. On Twitter, the official account for GigaBash is also asking fans what Godzilla moves they want to see in the game. Whether or not this is just for some engagement or because they actually plan to add fan requested moves into the game remains to be seen, but either way, Godzilla is coming and it’s fairly soon.

This news lined up with some other news related to Godzilla, as well. Toho confirmed that a brand new Godzilla film is releasing in November 2023, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone. We don’t know much about this new movie, but it seems like Godzilla has a promising future over the next few years between all of this and another MonsterVerse movie in the works with the iconic character.

Are you going to try Godzilla in GigaBash? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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