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Judgment Day Made the X-Men’s Worst Enemies More Dangerous

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Judgment Day has struck the Marvel universe at its very core, and no corner of the globe has been able to escape the repercussions so far. As such, it is no surprise that nearly every single hero on the planet has banded together to save it. It isn’t even all that shocking that many of the Marvel Universe’s worst villains have done their part to try and quell the threat of oblivion, at least not under such dire circumstances. What does stand out against everything else once the dust has settled, however, is the lengths that the worst of humanity went to in the hopes of saving themselves, as well as the way the rest of the world has so quickly turned them into heroes because of it.

In the final moments of the battle for the fate of the world in the pages of A.X.E.: Judgment Day #6 (by Kieron Gillen, Valerio Schiti, Ivan Fiorelli, Marte Gracia, and VC’s Clayton Cowles), the towering Eternal known as Syne makes a desperate bid to stop the Celestial Progenitor by channeling the combined might of all mutantkind. Unfortunately, this only buys a few moments rather than staving off annihilation entirely. While their attack doesn’t stop the Progenitor, it does create an opening for the mutant-hunting and hating Orchis to launch their own assault on their Celestial judge. Of course, this too is hardly effective against the might of an actual cosmic god, though it does prove to be a winning strategy once the real heroes have saved the world.

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Judgment Day Boosted Orchis’ Popularity

The anti-mutant organization known as Orchis made its introduction in the pages of 2019’s House of X #1 (by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz). Formed from the former ranks of previous organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D., Alpha Flight, the CIA, and Mossad, Orchis has dedicated itself from day one to preemptively answering some hypothetical doomsday scenario caused by the prevalence of mutantkind. While Orchis’ construction of the massive Mother Mold stationed out in space was their first great accomplishment, more recent years have seen them give rise to a whole new breed of Nimrod. They also assisted former Prime Eternal Druig launch his initial assault on the mutants of Krakoa.

It isn’t all that surprising that Orchis would try to insert themselves as heroes into the conflict they worked to bring into existence, yet the fact that they are being hailed as some sort of heroes because of it is both grotesquely ignorant and wildly dangerous. Whether they intended to or not, Orchis have garnered more public acclaim through their single act of benevolence than they have throughout the entirety of their existence. Once the world is returned to relative normalcy, Orchis is praised by not just their regular supporters, but by outside observers who only saw them put their lives on the line instead of witnessing them nearly usher in oblivion.

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The X-Men Are in More Danger Than Ever

As devastating as it might be on a personal level for mutants to see their worst enemies be hailed as the saviors of not just mankind, but the world at large, the potential for future harm to be done because of it is all too real. It is impossible to imagine that Orchis won’t be emboldened by their newfound fame, nor that they won’t do everything they can to capitalize on it going forward. Assuming no one else is able to reveal the cold, unnerving truth about what role Orchis actually played in causing Judgment Day in the first place, it seems as if the future is theirs for the taking.

This also means that the X-Men and the rest of mutantkind will be faced with an all-too-familiar threat in the coming days. Apart from Orchis being reinvigorated with their mission effectively validated in the public eye, they are certain to be picking up quite a few malevolent benefactors. Even worse, an entire generation of young mutants will grow up in an era of abject terror, while a generation of young humans are forced to grapple with whether what they see all around them might just be a genocide hiding behind a fuchsia facade.

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