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Pokemon Journeys Releases First Look at Ash/Leon Finale

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Pokemon Journeys is inching toward its grand finale, as the Masters 8 Tournament has brought Ash Ketchum closer than ever before to achieving his dream of becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world. With the final clash between Ash and Leon looming large in the horizon, new previews for the last confrontation have arrived online, with a surprise pocket monster seemingly set to appear. Regardless of who wins this battle, the Pokemon anime adaptation will never be the same.

Since Ash made his way into the Masters 8 Tournament, many Pokemon fans have been debating whether Ketchum will become the new world champion and prospectively leave the title of the protagonist of the anime series. With Goh heading out to be a part of Project Mew, a collection of trainers seeking to learn more about the legendary Pokemon, Ash’s former right-hand man might work well as the new head of the series. This fall will see the release of a new Nintendo Switch adventure, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, introducing new regions to Pokemon fans, and as has been the case in the past, said regions will most likely find their way to the anime adaptation. Whether or not Ash will be the one taking the reins for these new adventures is an entirely different story altogether.

Pokemon: Is Ash A Goner?

The official description for Pokemon Journeys’ 132nd episode, “Final IV – Partner” reads as such:

“Having shown up at the Stadium, what is Eternatus’ purpose? Ash and Leon’s battle also heads into its climax. Facing Leon’s ace, Charizard, Ash and Pikachu muster up the last of their strength and face up to him. All of their meetings, battles, and adventures so far! Together with his strongest partner, will Ash be able to grasp victory?”

Anipoke Fandom took the opportunity to release a ten-second preview for the upcoming episode, which hints at the final moments of the battle between Ash and Leon:

If Ash loses this battle against Leon, we would imagine that he’ll hit the road once again to continue seeking to become number one though it would mean he would have to win another tournament before making his way to the Masters 8 Tournament.

Do you think Ash will take the crown as World Champion from Leon? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon. 

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