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Stunning God of War Ragnarök Fan Art Earns Dev’s Stamp of Approval

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God of War Ragnarök fan Ramón Varela shares a portrait of Kratos and Atreus which grabs the attention of the game’s developer, Santa Monica Studio.

The end of the Nine Realms is looming ahead of God of War Ragnarök‘s release, and an artist’s recent fan art is all too fitting for the prophesied end of days.

Artist Ramón Varela posted their artwork on Twitter. It features the titular god of war, Kratos, enlarged in the background and his son, Atreus, standing in the image’s foreground with a wolf flanking either side. The art also shows a ring of runes, as well as the red eyes of an unknown creature. The game’s developer, Santa Monica Studio, deemed it worthy of a retweet from its official account.

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Santa Monica Studio has been very active on social media in the weeks leading up to the game’s highly anticipated release. Recently, the team behind the God of War sequel shared a message to fans asking them to not spoil Ragnarök, on behalf of those wishing to enjoy the game without knowing what lies ahead for the Ghost of Sparta. This came after a massive leak that disclosed boss battles, narrative plot points and major characters that had yet to be introduced. The studio’s advice to those not wanting to risk the chance of having the game spoiled was to mute any keywords or hashtags involved with Ragnarök until its release.

This is not the first instance of spoilers for the game. In early September, several details surrounding the appearance of Odin and his intentions for Atreus were released. As an unseen but often-mentioned threat in the first game, the Allfather’s purpose for seeking out the pair isn’t likely to be one of kindness. Many of his acts of torture, revenge and cunning were recounted in great detail by one of his victims, Mimir.

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The first game in the rebooted God of War series showed an older, more level-headed Kratos. Having left his homeland many years before, he is now the recently widowed husband of a Midgard woman named Faye and a largely absent father to Atreus. Following Faye’s passing, Kratos and Atreus travel across Midgard and beyond to fulfill her last wishes. This journey ultimately brings the pair closer together while also triggering the events to come in the sequel.

God of War Ragnarök will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on Nov. 9.

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