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What Is Going On With Cal Stone?

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Manifest Season 4 has arrived. The first half of the show’s 20-episode final season is now streaming on Netflix, picking up two years after the events of Season 3, and to put it lightly, the Stone family is in shambles. As if supernatural Callings and government overwatch wasn’t enough, the crazed Angelina Meyer ended the previous season by killing Grace and kidnapping baby Eden. As evident by his bushy beard in Season 4 trailer footage, Ben Stone has been grieving with the loss of both his wife and youngest daughter for some time. To make matters even more chaotic, Ben’s oldest son has seemingly missed out on half a decade of life.

Towards the end of Manifest Season 3, Cal Stone touched Flight 828’s recovered tailfin and disappeared. Cal would eventually return home, but he was far from the adolescent that actor Jack Messina portrayed. An aged-up Cal, now being played by Ty Doran, returned in the Season 3 finale to say goodbye to his dying mother.

Warning – The rest of this article contains spoilers for Manifest Season 4 Part 1.

Doran’s Cal is here to stay. While Messina’s younger version of the character does return in recycled footage for flashbacks, every present-day showing of Cal is the aged-up iteration.

This older Cal has an increased role in Season 4. In one of the season’s first episodes, Cal receives a dragon tattoo, something that prophecies him to be a crucial piece to solving the entire mystery revolving around Flight 828 and the imminent Death Date of June 2nd, 2024.

Cal’s story reaches a fever pitch when his cancer returns. What begins as a minor cough turns into a full bedridden illness, which leaves Cal with days left to live. The Stones believe that finding the Omega Sapphire could cure Cal, and while they eventually do track down that ancient artifact, Angelina gets her hands on it first and begins to wreak his misguided-religious havoc.

As she is utilizing the sapphire, Cal meets her in a Calling. Angelina creates a mirage of Grace to attempt to pursue Cal into giving up, but he relents, leading to the sapphire exploding in real life. This moment uses all of Cal’s remaining strength. As he is about to die, Zeke absorbs his pain and sacrifices himself, allowing Cal to make an immediate recovery.

Olive and TJ are overheard saying that Cal is the key to saving everyone from the looming Death Date. After he is healed, Cal’s dragon tattoo glows. Based on where he is left in Part 1 and Zeke’s willingness to lay down his life in order to ensure his survival, expect Cal to play a major role in Part 2.

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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