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10 Best Things About Aemond Targaryen In House Of The Dragon

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House of the Dragon has no shortage of well-written and compelling characters. Ten episodes were more than enough for names like Rhaenyra Targaryen and Corliss Velaryon to go down in Game of Thrones history among fans, no doubt influencing the writing for the series, and perhaps fantasy as a whole, for years to come. One name that has grown in increasing popularity is Aemond Targaryen, the second son of Viserys I and Alicent Hightower.

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Even when he was a child, Aemond’s intelligence and brooding nature quickly won over audiences. Fans could easily identify him as a character who would strive to prove himself by any means necessary. Even though he can’t claim the Iron Throne, Aemond has claimed the hearts of his fans.

10/10 Aemond Possesses The Cunning That Aegon Lacks

Intelligence will carry a person a long way in Westeros. Some of the most significant players aren’t warriors but masterminds who let others fight for them. Aemond may not be on the same level as Littlefinger or Tyrion Lannister, but he’s by no means an idiot.

As the younger brother, Aemond had little chance of inheriting much power by birthright, so he dedicated himself to self-improvement in ways Aegon never will. He’s a lot like Daemon in that sense, filling the gaps that his brother leaves behind, though he’s driven more by spite than love.

9/10 Aemond’s Strong In Spite Of His Most Obvious Weakness

While Aegon was committing adultery and drowning himself in ale, Aemond studied the blade. Among the show’s Targaryens, Aemon is among the most formidable fighters, second only to Daemon. Originally, he was much less confrontational, keeping to himself while hiding his resentment for his brother and nephews. After he lost his eye, he gained a deadly fixation on Rhaenyra’s sons, particularly Lucerys.

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Aemond’s missing eye hasn’t hindered him in the slightest. Since the time jump, he’s already proven himself by sparring against the deadly Kingsguard, Criston Cole. With Vhagar by his side and several more years to grow, he’ll only get stronger with time. However, what’s important is what he does with that strength.

8/10 His Dragon Is The Strongest And Wisest One Around

Currently the oldest living dragon in Westeros, Vhagar crossed the sea with Aegon the Conqueror and brought the Seven Kingdoms to heel alongside her siblings. She went through several riders before meeting young Aemond. After taking him on a lethal joyride, she must have been impressed by his boldness and determination; it’s the only explanation for how she was so quick to accept him.

Aegon was already a menace on his own, but partnering up with a dragon makes him a one-man army. Young Aemond may not have made the wisest choice trying to tame Vhagar at the time, but even he agrees it was worth the eye it cost him.

7/10 He’s Not A Monster (Yet)

Despite what Aemond may do or say, he’s still a human at the end of the day. He still has his sanity intact and is still in touch with his emotions, granted he’s not the type to let them control him.

Aemon was bullied for years because he didn’t possess a dragon, and all he wanted was to show that he was worthy, just like his relatives. It makes sense that he became the cold, observant type who gets a kick out of being the one in power for once. The season finale displayed this well with the look of remorse and fear he showed after Vhagar killed Lucerys and Arrax.

6/10 Aemond Has Plenty Of Charisma

Charisma is a vital characteristic for anyone who wants power at the highest levels of society. However, Aemond is no dashing courtier in vibrant robes. He’s a quiet man who seems modest and introspective.

Even so, there’s something oddly charming about Aemond’s interactions with other characters. The sharp and succinct way he talks shows that he’s a man who knows what he wants and reaches out to seize it. He’s not much of a jokester, but he doesn’t need to be. Being a man of action grants him an allure that forces viewers to consider what he would look like on the Iron Throne.

5/10 Aemond Grew Up Stronger Than Anyone Expected

The second-born prince didn’t have the happiest childhood. Without his own dragon, he was relentlessly teased, causing him to come across as a brat. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, he was humbled by time (and a knife), thus creating the renegade he is now.

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There was some discourse over whether the actor playing the teenage Aemond looked enough like his younger self. The flip side to that problem is the way it highlights how drastically Aemond changed between episodes seven and eight. His glow-up is one of television’s finest.

4/10 Aemond Has A True Targaryen’s Ambition

Aemond has come a long way to earn his reputation and he’s not done pushing ahead. It’s not exactly clear what Aemond’s end goal is, but he’s after something bigger than himself. Right now, he seems eager to settle the score with the Velaryon boys, but there’s the possibility that he wants the Iron Throne.

The evidence comes from “The Green Council,” where Prince Aemond alludes to potentially taking Aegon’s place as heir if the latter mysteriously vanished. He may not want to murder his brother outright, but Aemond seems like he has a scheme or two up his sleeve, and it’s evident Aemon would do better on the throne than Aegon.

3/10 Aegon’s a Fashion Icon

House of the Dragon‘s fashion is criminally underrated and Aemond is among the show’s most stylish figures. Though he tends to dress more practically than the other Targaryens, he still has leagues more style than the average King’s Landing commoner.

Usually clad in black armor and dark leather, Aemond’s regalia gives him the appearance of a dark knight, a style he shares with Daemon. His outfits make it clear that he’s a warrior first and a noble second. That, coupled with his eyepatch, makes him look not just like a rogue prince but an assassin on the prowl.

2/10 Aemond’s Sapphire Eye Matches His Soul

As a family who tame dragons, Targaryens are really good at making power moves. While some kill to assert dominance, and others flaunt their magical beasts, Aemond chose to replace his eye with an unblinking sapphire.

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The way Aemond chose a sapphire as his artificial eye is significant. The stone’s chilling azure perfectly reflects Aemond’s calculating nature. When he lost his eye his heart grew cold. The blue also reflects how he’s a melancholy man who’s let his vendettas define him. And of course, he makes it look good.

1/10 Aemond Knows The Rules And Follows Them Well

Westeros is a continent chock-full of rules and laws. Even the most powerful royals risk staining their reputations or entire families when they break them. As such, Aemond would rather keep his head down than start a fuss in public. After all, the last he stepped out of line, he paid a hefty price for it.

Aemond isn’t a coward by any metric, but he is patient, cautious, and observant. Waiting until everyone was in the same room to insult the Velaryon boys, keeping tabs on his brother’s antics, and adhering to parley standards with Lord Baratheon are all examples of his sense of responsibility. This makes him a formidable player in House of the Dragon‘s incipient game of thrones.

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