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10 Strongest DCEU Characters Black Adam Can Defeat

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Years after Warner Brothers announced the project, Black Adam has finally arrived in the DCEU, and it’s clear to see the anti-hero shaking things up. With powers derived from six Egyptian Gods, Black Adam is one of the strongest characters in the DCEU. But how strong is he exactly? Well, according to the man behind the suit, Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam “is the most powerful and unstoppable force” in the DCEU.

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This is quite a claim, given that the DCEU plays home to some pretty powerful characters. Characters that Johnson has already stated Black Adam will interact with at some point in the future. Whether Teth Adam’s a friend or foe to the DCEU’s heroes remains to be seen, but it does force fans to wonder who Black Adam could defeat if he had to.

10/10 Cyborg’s Regeneration Wouldn’t Save Him

Victor Stone got his powers after his lethal injuries in a car crash were repaired by the otherworldly Mother Box. This gave the man called Cyborg powers like inhuman strength and technopathy and, perhaps most importantly, the power to heal himself.

Though Cyborg is highly intelligent and one of the Justice League’s stronger members, his abilities would be useless against Black Adam’s raw, brute strength. Against the indestructible Black Adam, the only question is how long Cyborg can last. Even if Stone heals himself indefinitely, he’s only delaying the inevitable.

9/10 Aquaman’s Tough, But He’s No Living God

Arthur Curry, or Aquaman, is half-human and half-Atlantean and in the DCEU he’s so powerful he’s referred to as the “underwater Superman”. His powers include superhuman strength and durability, marine telepathy, and the ability to manipulate water. The DCEU’s Aquaman may be grittier than the blonde-haired Hanna-Barbera version but the King of the Seas can’t face Black Adam alone.

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Aquaman’s biggest strength is actually his greatest weakness in this fight. The ability to manipulate water isn’t a good fit in a fight with someone who wields lightning. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity so if these two ever faced off, Black Adam would turn Aquaman into a plate of fish sticks.

8/10 The Flash Hasn’t Learned How To Exploit His Full Speed

The Flash’s powers go way beyond just “running really fast.” By entering the Speed Force, Barry can change time itself and alter reality. He can also generate lightning similar to Black Adam’s.

What makes this matchup a bit tricky is that the DCEU Flash is inexperienced and incapable of fully accessing the Speed Force. Against this version of the Flash, Black Adam would win quite easily. Not only does Adam also have super speed but he’s in full control of his powers, so he has the edge.

7/10 Martian Manhunter May Not Be As Powerful As His Comics Counterpart

Unfortunately, the Martian Manhunter has played on a small part in the DCEU, and with future plans of a Justice League sequel up in the air, it’s anyone’s guess whether he’ll show up in the future. Similar to the Flash, the DCEU has yet to unleash this character’s full potential.

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In the comics, Martian Manhunter is incredibly powerful, with a seemingly endless list of powers that includes strength that matches Superman’s. So far, the only powers he’s demonstrated in the DCEU are flight, telepathy, and shape-shifting. If J’onn was more like his comic version then this would be a much closer fight, but as is, Black Adam could defeat the Martian Manhunter.

6/10 Shazam Can’t Match Black Adam’s Ruthlessness

This is one matchup fans should expect to see in the near future. Billy Batson, or Shazam, and Black Adam are arch-nemesis who have been rivals in the comics for decades. The two share the same powers, the major difference being the gods and heroes they each derive their powers from.

Though their potential is equally matched, Billy is still a naive and immature 14-year-old boy. Black Adam’s edge comes from the fact he is relentless and will cross lines that kind-hearted Billy hasn’t imagined. This is how Black Adam has beaten Shazam in the comics, and their first encounter will most likely play out similarly on screen.

5/10 General Zod Has The Kryptonian Weakness To Magic

General Zod is Kryptonian and has basically the same powers as Superman. The only reason Superman was able to overpower him in Man of Steel was Zod’s limited exposure to the sun’s rays. Though Zod had his neck snapped, the character has already been confirmed for The Flash movie, so a duel with Black Adam in the DCEU is still possible.

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General Zod is incredibly powerful and has useful military experience, but he’s still vulnerable to magical attacks. Though this fight would be epic and the collateral damage would probably level an entire city, Black Adam would likely walk away the victor.

4/10 Wonder Woman Falls Just Short Of Adam’s Power

There’s no denying Wonder Woman’s extraordinary power. She’s the daughter of Zeus and a goddess in her own right. She’s defeated Ares, the god of war, and she could very well take on other gods. That said, Ares wasn’t at full power when they fought; Black Adam would be.

Wonder Woman held her own against Doomsday and Steppenwolf, but she couldn’t quite defeat them by herself. Black Adam would likely give her the same trouble in a one-on-one clash. Sure, she could hold her own against him and do a lot of damage but at the end of the day, Black Adam would defeat her.

3/10 Steppenwolf Would Pit The New Gods’ Power Against The Power Of Aton

Unfortunately, Steppenwolf has already met his demise in the DCEU, so a face-off between him and Black Adam seems unlikely. However, at least one character was resurrected in this universe so it’s not impossible. Steppenwolf is a New God, and although he’s one of Darkseid’s lowest officers, he’s still one of the most powerful beings in the DCEU.

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Steppenwolf has a tremendous amount of superhuman strength, speed, and toughness, but he’s still not at the top of the food chain. If Superman was able to defeat Steppenwolf, then so could Black Adam. It would be a very close and destructive fight, but Black Adam’s magic powers give him the edge against the lesser space god.

2/10 Doomsday Is Half-Kryptonian And Has A Kryptonian’s Weaknesses

When Lex Luthor mixed his DNA with a deceased General Zod he created the monster Doomsday. Yes, Superman already killed Doomsday but Kryptonians are hard to kill, and in the comics the monster has returned countless times. If Black Adam is becoming the main focus of the DCEU, they’re going to need powerful characters for him to fight, and very few are as strong as Doomsday.

The DCEU’s Doomsday’s Kryptonian origins make him roughly as strong as Superman. However, he can also absorb kinetic energy and get stronger every time he’s hit. In a fight with Black Adam, he might still fare poorly against Adam’s magic but this fight could go either way.

1/10 Superman

Following the mid-credits scene in Black Adam where Henry Cavill reprises his role as Superman, it seems like the DCEU is going show fans who would win in a battle between Black and Superman. Just like with Doomsday, this fight is a toss-up that could go either way.

Superman’s edge in this fight feels almost tautological: he’s Superman. Everyone knows how powerful he is. The only advantages Black Adam has over him are his magical abilities, but even that doesn’t guarantee a victory for him. There’s no predicting the winner in this clash of titans but it’s one fans will see play out soon.

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