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Did Oda Just Reveal the Kid Pirates’ Backstory?

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The following contains spoilers for the One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda, available in English from Viz Media.

Eustass Kid and his Kid Pirates have always been something of an unknown in the story of One Piece. Making his introduction back in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc in 2008. Kid entered the story as one of the Supernovas, a group of eleven powerful pirates still in their first year of adventuring.

Standing alongside Kid was Killer, his vice-captain, and up until very recently, that was all that was known about them, with the names of the other crew members remaining a mystery. Even Kid’s devil fruit, the Jiki-Jiki no Mi, or the Magnet-Magnet Fruit, was until last year, despite Kid having his devil fruit abilities since his debut. In the latest SBS, however, Oda has finally given fans the backstory of the Kid Pirates.

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Oda Loves Revealing Kid’s Information in SBS

Strangely enough, all of Kid’s additional information has been released in Oda’s SBS, the Q&A sections including in each of One Piece’s manga volumes, where Oda takes fan questions and answers them. Sometimes his answers aren’t all that serious, but sometimes he does give answers that build his world out even more. Kid’s devil fruit was first revealed in an SBS, so it’s only fitting that his backstory is as well.

The origin of the Kid Pirates began on an unspecified island in the South Blue, which was split into four sections ruled by four gangs respectively, as well as one gang that ruled the entire island. Kid, Killer, Heat, and Wire each ruled their own gang, but Kid and Killer remained friends anyway, even sharing the same first crush, a girl named Victoria Shiruton Doruyanaika. One day, the gang that ruled the island and killed Victoria, enraging Kid, and causing him to form an alliance with the other gang leaders.

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Kid Was Ambitious From the Beginning

Kid and the combined forces of Killer, Heat, and Wire, successfully performed a coup d’état, ousting the leading gang, and avenging their fallen friend in the process. But Kid wasn’t content with just that. He refused to live confined to the island, the place where his first love had been killed, and set out to sea with his new comrades as the Kid Pirates, naming their ship the Victoria Punk in honor of their fallen friend.

In a story as dense as One Piece, it’s understandable that not everything can make it in, though it is odd that a major character like Kid has had his backstory relegated to the Q&A section of a manga volume. Kid will almost certainly be a major player going forward as he races against Luffy to claim the titular One Piece, but only time will tell what his role will be in the final saga.

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