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Henry Cavill Describes Stepping Back Into His First Superman Suit

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Enola Holmes 2 star Henry Cavill reveals he was given the choice of which suit to wear for his return to his Superman role, and what it meant to him.

Henry Cavill’s return to Superman in Black Adam came with the return of an iconic suit.

Cavill, former star of Netflix’s The Witcher, spoke to Collider about Superman’s look in his Black Adam cameo, and explained that he was given the choice of which suit to wear for the post-credit scene. “It was a powerful moment for me, a meaningful moment,” Cavill said. “I was given a choice of which suit I wanted to wear, and I went straight for the Man of Steel suit. That one holds the most nostalgia for me, and the most meaning. To put that back on, and stand there in front of a mirror suited up again, the suit holds a special power, and there’s no way of getting around that, even if you are the one wearing it.”

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The suit, more textured and with a larger symbol than its Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice counterpart, means a lot to Cavill. “To see myself standing back in that suit was a meaningful moment,” he explained. “It’s difficult to describe. Many years hoping, planning, striving, doing everything I can to get back into it, and then finally be able to get back into it, it meant a lot and it’s something that I won’t quickly forget.”

Henry Cavill Switches Gears

Cavill’s recent exit from his role as Geralt inThe Witcher was thought by some to be due to his commitment to playing Clark Kent, but recent reports suggest that creative differences played a part in his decision. Liam Hemsworth will now play the White Wolf, leading to petitions and calls for the show’s cancelation.

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Superman’s cameo in the Dwayne Johnson-led Black Adam was hyped as Cavill’s return to the character, and could mean that he’ll fight Johnson’s antihero over the course of several coming films. It wouldn’t be unprecedented: Superman and Black Adam have fought many times over in DC comics. “I think Black Adam lands the first punch,” Johnson said. “Now, I don’t know Black Adam lands the last punch, uh because Superman, I grew up a DC boy. Superman… I love Superman. I loved Superman and I still do.”

For now, fans of Cavill can catch his performance as Enola’s older brother Sherlock Holmes in his newest movie, Enola Holmes 2. The mystery-adventure is now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Collider

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