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Modern Warfare 2 Improve Upon Its Predecessors?

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CBR supports the hard work of developers and industry professionals to create the video games fans all know and love, but it’s important to remember the ongoing allegations that Activision-Blizzard is facing when making decisions about the games you play. You can find CBR’s continuing coverage of the Activision-Blizzard allegations here.

Call of Duty games consistently deliver a tried-and-true formula that’s certain to translate to millions of units sold, and Modern Warfare II is no exception. It’s another mega-blockbuster, and it offers its fan base exactly what it has come to expect from the franchise.

Apart from a couple of hiccups at launch, the game is a technical masterclass. It runs beautifully on all platforms and is a striking showcase of what next-gen hardware is capable of. The campaign hits all the expected notes of a Call of Duty narrative and does so with the weight of triple-A funding behind it. Where the game really shines is in its multiplayer, which has launched as a shining example of why the Call of Duty franchise is loved by so many gamers.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Exceeds Expectations

Developer Infinity Ward is well aware that it can’t deviate too far outside the lines of what players know and love about Call of Duty games. If it attempted to drastically innovate and uproot the bedrock of what Call of Duty is known for, it would have a riot on its hands. The result is an annual paint-by-numbers approach, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because Modern Warfare II hits its marks brilliantly. Despite its predictable nature, it offers a cutting-edge combat simulator that, in terms of gameplay, is arguably the best on the market.

Modern Warfare II has a lot going for it, but what is immediately striking is its audio and visual mastery. The graphics engineering and sound design are stunning, and a player’s first moments with the game can be overwhelming. Every whizzing bullet, crumbling building, exploding vehicle, and spatter of blood blasts off the screen with such visceral violence that it’s impossible not to be taken aback. Modern Warfare II has achieved a level of audiovisual fidelity so incredibly acute that it’s able to successfully capture the chaos and horror of war. For better or worse, it’s an impressive achievement.

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Fans Should Enjoy Modern Warfare 2 Purely for Its Entertainment Value

Call of Duty games of the past have feebly attempted to address the real-life consequences and atrocities of war, but not this time around. Modern Warfare II embraces death and violence on every level. It goes so far as to celebrate it as an art form. The game is also an unabashed, flag-waving endorsement of the American military as a global protector, upholding its right to intervene in the affairs of sovereign states, even at the cost of innocent civilian lives. Hopefully, players will disassociate the game from reality and appreciate it purely for its entertainment value.

While the messaging of the game is controversial, most players didn’t buy Modern Warfare II for lessons in morality or geopolitics. They signed up for entertainment in the form of polished gameplay and brutal gunfights, which the game delivers in spades. The campaign offers cheap, globe-trotting thrills that guide the player through missions and set pieces of ascending intensity. The story is hollow, but this is forgivable because the action is thrilling and the campaign serves its purpose of whetting the player’s appetite for the real meat of the game: the multiplayer.

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COD: Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer Is a Triumph

Every Call of Duty game is judged by the quality of its multiplayer modes, and Modern Warfare II has delivered one of the best in years. A clear emphasis is placed on fast-paced gameplay, and well-designed maps ensure that the enemy is never far away. It demands a laser-focused and trigger-happy approach because there is very little reprieve between gunshots, and there’s no room for error. The game demands split-second reaction time and lightning-quick decision-making. This is ultimately what determines success in the game. It’s built on a foundation of tight, precise gameplay that embraces intense action and rewards skill and experience.

Modern Warfare II has 12 multiplayer modes and 15 maps at launch. 6v6 modes make up the bulk of the multiplayer, with favorites such as Free for All and Team Deathmatch making a triumphant return. Ground War, a 32v32 battle on large-scale maps, is back as well. Brand-new modes called Knockout and Prisoner Rescue provide dynamic new challenges, while Third-Person Moshpit offers a refreshing shake-up to the first-person shooter. Players will return again and again to experience the action, watch themselves climb the leaderboards, and unlock weapon mods for their favorite load-outs through the game’s excellent progression system.

Colorful and vivid environments, excellent maps, engaging battle modes, and precision gameplay make Modern Warfare II‘s multiplayer shine. The stunning visuals and all-consuming audio take the game to a place of technical achievement that surpasses any Call of Duty game that’s come before. It’s the complete package and is certain to satisfy any fan of the franchise.

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