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Titans Season 4 Has a Hulk Problem With Beast Boy

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The following contains major spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2, “Lex Luthor” and “Mother Mayhem,” now streaming on HBO Max.

Dick Grayson had a major issue in the early seasons of Titans trying to create a well-oiled unit and moreso a family. Raven was corrupted by Trigon’s influence, Superboy/Conner Kent was programmed by CADMUS and Kory/Starfire struggled to buck her destiny as a weapon of mass destruction. Dick used what Bruce Wayne taught him as a leader to get them to trust each other.

Over three seasons, he evolved from a Robin into Nightwing and even helped redeem Jason Todd from his bloody Red Hood persona. But he still can’t fix everyone’s problems. Season 4 indicates that Dick and the Titans have a Hulk-esque problem on their hands that could lead to both physical and mental danger for the team.

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Titans’ Beast Boy is Suffering Major Blackouts

At the start of Season 4, the Titans end up in Metropolis, where Conner wants to meet Superman at S.T.A.R. Labs. Sadly, he gets stood up — but the team has other business to attend to. Bernard, one of the lab directors, gives Gar a glove as a gift. It’s meant to help him stay in his not purple uniform before and after he transforms so he no longer has to worry about ending up nude. But shockingly, the next time that Gar changes, a chaotic scene unfolds.

The lab is trashed, with Gar unaware he transformed into a gorilla and then other animal forms. Thankfully, he comes to before he wrecks the place, but his allies are still worried about him. what’s happening. And the lab staff never gets to experiment further because Titans switches its focus to Superboy convening with Lex Luthor. But the series does show that Gar’s disturbing issue isn’t an isolated incident.

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Titans’ Beast Boy Could Harm His Comrades and the Public

The blackout occurs again in the woods outside Metropolis when Tim finds Gar out cold in his suit as they work on their latest case. Beast Boy then begins hearing voices, which suggests Gar may be under someone else’s control. If his subconscious is indeed enslaved, he could be triggered to hurt his colleagues — or worse yet, the public. The way he screams to get the voices out and turns green is similar to Marvel’s Hulk when the Green Goliath transforms and loses control. There’s no telling what beasts he’ll morph into; since his powers are evolving in Season 4, the show could even go prehistoric and have him become a dinosaur.

As for why this is happening, there are multiple suspects. Trigon could have imprinted on Gar; he knows Gar’s close to his daughter Raven, so Beast Boy would be the perfect Trojan horse. Gar was also brainwashed by CADMUS along with Superboy, so there could be some kind of residual effects from that experience. Or there could be an entirely new villain at work.

The show could introduce the Red — the comics’ ethereal force of nature that connects all animal life and microorganisms. This could tie into the totems known as the Parliament of Limbs and possibly bring Animal Man into play to help Gar figure out if he’s harnessing this power the right way or if it’s harming him. But with threats like Mother Mayhem, the Titans simply can’t afford an unpredictable, deadly liability.

New episodes of Titans stream Thursdays on HBO Max.

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