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Who Is Titans Season 4’s New Villain?

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The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 2, “Mother Mayhem,” which is streaming on HBO Max.

Titans is bringing in a slew of new villains in Season 4. One of the main villains will be the iconic Teen Titans’ antagonist Brother Blood. Sebastian Blood a.k.a Brother Blood is the High Priest of the Church of Blood. Not only do they worship the power of blood, but more importantly they’re devoted to their deity, Trigon. Brother Blood is desperate to bring the world under his control and establish the Church of Blood across the world. If he succeeds, Trigon will bring a new age of darkness across Earth.

The Church of Blood has had many different Brother Bloods over its many years of existence. Sebastian Blood is only the latest character to take on the mantle. In the comics, tradition dictates that someone can only become the new Brother Blood after committing patricide. This tradition creates a long history of murder and darkness, making the Church of Blood worse than it already was. As Brother Blood, Sebastian commands legions of followers, all who are devoted to him and devoted to carrying out the will of the Church.

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The Dark History Of Brother Blood in the Comics

When Sebastian was a teenager, he stabbed his father to death. After throwing the body in the river, he took over as Brother Blood for the church. Unlike many of his predecessors, Sebastian took a more active role in the organization and their goals. He wanted to make them stronger and more powerful than ever before. To do that he needed one thing: Raven. He devised a plan that would increase his own power and allow the Church to bring their control over all the Earth. He kidnaped Raven and ate the gemstone from her head, weakening her. He intended to have a child with Raven — a child that would be powerful enough to help him destroy all his enemies.

When the Teen Titans discovered his plan, they sought out the blood cult and attacked, fighting tooth and nail to free Raven. Brother Blood and his legions fought the Titans, with the former even biting Superboy and drinking his blood, temporarily gaining some of his strength. While Brother Blood was trying to finalize his ritual with Raven, Beast Boy transformed into a worm and dove into his stomach. He retrieved Raven’s gem and brought it back up and put it back with Raven. When Raven had gained her full strength back, she banished Brother Blood to the lowest levels of Hell.

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How Brother Blood Fits Into Titans Season 4

Titans have already started to build up the Church of Blood and their mission to bring Raven under their control. As Mother Mayhem is spreading death wherever she goes, she has affected Raven significantly, even removing her gem from her forehead. Sebastian Blood is beginning to feel his calling to the Church. While it’s unlikely that Brother Blood will try to have a child with Raven, it seems that they are still looking to use her power for the purpose of increasing the Church’s power. They may even want to use her power to bring back their deity Trigon. Titans may even show more backstory for Sebastian and show the audience that he murdered his father, fulfilling the prerequisite for being Brother Blood.

Brother Blood is largely considered to be one of the main villains for the Teen Titans in the comics, so bringing him into Titans makes sense. Brother Blood may bring some of the darkest and most gruesome scenes to Titans, and while the heroes of the series have dealt with some awful events, Brother Blood may bring out the worst in all of them.

New episodes of Titans stream on Fridays on HBO Max.

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