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10 Genshin Impact Characters With One-Hit-Kill Power

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Genshin Impact easily dominates the market for being one of the most popular free open-world online RPGs currently out there. Fans have shown continued support for the game franchise since its debut. Meanwhile, Mihoyo continuously improves the game experience as they release newer and more enjoyable content with each update.

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A diverse array of gameplay offers players a more flexible and adaptive experience where characters can be played in any way, regardless of their intended role in the team. Different combinations of team compositions, as well as weapons and artifacts, are obtained through a gacha system. With specific builds, some heroes have the potential to eliminate enemies in one hit.

10/10 Diluc, The Darknight Hero

Diluc Radnvindr was one of the first characters released during the debut of Genshin Impact. He belongs to an affluent noble clan, the Ragnvindr Clan of Mondstadt. Even if he dislikes the taste of alcohol, he owns The Dawn Winery and the most esteemed Angel’s Share Tavern.

Following his father’s death, Inspector Eroch of the Knights of Favonious instructed him to cover up this incident. This ultimately leads to him losing his trust in the organization. So, he left. This incident made him decide to pursue evil single-handedly as a covert vigilant: The Darknight Hero.

9/10 Kamisato Ayaka, The Shirasagi Himegimi

Kamisato Ayaka and her brother shared the responsibility of leading the Kamisato clan. She handled the affairs while her brother took charge of the government. She is entitled The White Heron Princess by the people of Inazuma.

Being a daughter of an esteemed clan, Kamisato is the pinnacle of noble elegance, skilled in both pen and sword. Even her tutors can attest that she’s already a master in all matters regarding elegance. With a naturally graceful poise, her art in combat is not at all different. Kamisato maintains her elegance as she obliterates her enemies in one fell swoop.

8/10 Yae-Miko, The Sky Kitsune

The Kitsune possess the mythical ability to shapeshift. As a Kitsune herself, Yae Miko descended from the greatest lineage known as the Hakushin Clan, which is the same origin as the Fox Goddess. She takes pride in being the Guuji or High Priestess of The Grand Nurakami Shrine and the owner of Yae Publishing House.

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Yae’s attacks take the form of kitsune spirits. In contrast to her ever-composed appearance, she can rage thunderbolts down on her enemies. Yae classifies as a Tenko or Sky Kitsune, which is the highest among the rankings of foxes. This is evident in the number of tails that appear while in combat.

7/10 Raiden Shogun, The Puppet Of Eternity

The Raiden Shogun is an independent entity equipped with her own consciousness. Beelzebub, widely known as the Electro Archon, Ei, created this entity. She acts as the vessel for the Archon, in charge of ruling over Inazuma and dealing with humane affairs, while the true Archon meditates in a place called The Planes of Euthymia.

The Raiden Shogun considers herself Ei’s assistant and follows a set of directives programmed into her by her creator. Ei created her puppet to mirror herself in the physical world while she meditates in eternity inside her created dimension. Unlike other humans, the Raiden Shogun does not have free will, only created for one purpose while equipped with the deadliest arsenal for battle.

6/10 Eula, The Spindrift Knight

Eula of the Lawrence Clan from Mondstadt has one of the heaviest hitters in Genshin with a noble bloodline. As a young kid, she trained to act like a Lawrence, who are infamous for being condescending tyrants. But to her family’s dismay, she grew to dislike their principles. So, she joined the Knights of Favonious.

Like many other nobles, normal townsfolk fear Eula, even as the captain of the knights. The people’s metaphorical branding of Eula as a monster is not without context. Eula’s monstrosity shines on the battlefield as she knocks out her enemies with basic attacks.

5/10 Ganyu, The Half-Blooded Adepti

Ganyu acts as the secretary of Lady Ningguang. Born half-human and half-adeptus, she served the Liyue Qixing committee for thousands of years. Her celestial genes give her beastly prowess in combat incomparable to mere humans. This makes it hard for her to fit in with regular people.

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Ganyu’s role as a bow user gives her the advantage of shooting her enemies down from a distance. She can easily one-shot enemies; they won’t even know what hit them. This comes from her strength as an adepti and the power to resonate with the world to a degree beyond her natural abilities using a vision.

4/10 Hu Tao, The Director of Death

People have misconceptions about Hu Tao because of her eccentric personality. Even as a Director of The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, she enjoys playing pranks. Despite her mischief, she made career achievements at 19.

Hu Tao must keep her business afloat, so it’s important for Hu Tao to have “customers.” She dislikes doctors like Baizhu, who do the opposite, i.e., prolonging people’s lives. This makes her terrifying in battle — particularly because of her pyro attacks. With a single swing of her spear, she can give her enemies a one-way ticket to the afterlife.

3/10 Sangonomiya Kokomi, The Divine Priestess

Much like the acting Grand Master Jean, Sanggonomiya Kokomi is dedicated to her duty as the leader and Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. She leads an army opposing the Tenryou Commission of the Raiden Shogun as their brilliant strategist.

By default, Sangonomiya Kokomi is an offensive healer. Unlike other healers, who specialize in off-field support, she deals massive damage while simultaneously healing party members. Despite being a healer, she is one of the few characters who can fulfill the main damage-per-second role. With her Elemental Burst active, her damage and healing increase based on her total HP.

2/10 Shikanoin Heizou, The Unconventional Detective

Public servants of Inazuma are expected to be thorough investigators. Shikanoin Heizou takes it up a notch and completely disregards the rules. He simply does whatever he wants as long as he can achieve his goals. His unorthodox methods make him seem rebellious to others.

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Although Shikanoin is a catalyst user, he fights at a close range. He’s similar to a melee catalyst user, but with a very powerful burst attack. Generally, anemo users are known to have some form of crowd control skill. With a powerful charge-burst elemental skill, there’s no doubt he can one-hit-kill opponents.

1/10 Nilou, The Dance Of Lotuslight

Be it dancing or combat, Nilou captures everyone’s attention with every movement she makes. Even the academics of Sumeru, who wants nothing to do with art, become engrossed with her performance. Unlike most children, Nilou wasn’t forced to become a scholar in the Akademiya.

After seeing her former mentor perform for the first time, she aspired to be a dancer herself. Her sword dance technique embodies artistic and graceful elements, like a performance. With soft and graceful movements, enemies would not think that she can dominate in battle and deal devastating damage.

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