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10 Most Roastable Marvel Villains

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Marvel Comics is home to many famous superheroes and just as many, if not more, villains for them to square off against. Marvel villains come in all shapes and sizes, from disgraced former scientists who made horrible mistakes to immortal cosmic beings of infinite power. Some are evil masterminds that pose a huge threat to Marvel’s heroes, and some villains are just awful at their jobs.

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Some Marvel villains are just begging to get roasted with their terrible plans and even worse fashion sense. It isn’t just D-list joke villains that deserve a good mocking either, as even some high-profile names look pretty dopey after some close examination.

10/10 Everybody Hates Red Skull

There’s an old saying that the only villains that audiences will universally root against are Nazis and Zombies, and Red Skull has been both. The guy is so easy to hate that an image of him getting punched in the face was used to sell comics.

Not content with just being hateable, Red Skull more recently decided to become an anti-feminist internet troll. He must be embarrassed going from the head of Hydra to sitting at home making vlogs and ranting about how he can’t deal with progress.

9/10 Boomerang Threw Away A Huge Opportunity

Before becoming a supervillain, Boomerang was a professional pitcher in Major League Baseball. He only switched to a life of crime after he was caught taking bribes, and he became an assassin for hire. This was a pretty lousy career move since he could have made way more money staying in baseball.

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The minimum yearly salary for an MLB player is $700,000, and with how good Boomerang is at throwing, he could have easily been making over a million. Instead of just being happy with a very lucrative career, he traded it for a life of getting punched in the face by people in tights. Unlike one of his signature weapons, the career he foolishly threw away is unlikely to come back to him.

8/10 Deadpool Has Been Done To Death

Deadpool may be an anti-hero now, but he started his career as a villain and is due for a good roasting. Since Wade himself would surely recover from any insult thrown his way, this roast will take a page out of his book and break the fourth wall. The problem with Deadpool isn’t him as a character, but what has spawned from him.

Deadpool is essentially the Rick Sanchez of Marvel in that he’s an enjoyable character that has been slowly ruined by memes and overenthusiastic fans. Deadpool has been reduced in the eyes of many to the guy that shouts “chimichangas,” and woe betides anyone who interacts with a Deadpool cosplayer who takes their costume too seriously.

7/10 Thanos Goes Way Too Far To Get A Date

When Infinity War came out, a subset of MCU fans argued that Thanos was right to be worried about dwindling resources. However, this wasn’t the case with Thanos’ original motivation for assembling the Infinity Stones, which was much more selfish.

Originally, Thanos wanted to win the affection of Mistress Death. As if he wasn’t peacocking enough with his big golden glove and massive gems, Thanos decided he’d get even more attention by killing half of all living beings. Even after all that, he didn’t end up with Death; he just ended up looking really desperate.

6/10 Big Wheel Is A Big Joke

There isn’t much roasting that actually needs to be done for Big Wheel anymore because fans all know he’s the worst. The only time the character gets mentioned is as a joke, and at this point, even DC’s Kite Man receives more respect than him.

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The whole reason Jackson Weele even became a villain is that he felt personally insulted by Rocket Racer nicknaming him “Big Weele.” Apparently, his thought process was, “I’ll show him a big wheel,” so he designed a giant Ferris wheel-like vehicle. It’s lucky for New York that Rocket Racer hadn’t given him a more intimidating nickname. Otherwise, he may have actually become a threat.

5/10 Batroc the Leaper Has A Terrible Name

Batroc the Leaper isn’t exactly subtle with his supervillain name. It’s like if Steve Rogers went by Captain Shield Thrower. Also, way to give away your main battle tactic, Batroc. How will the heroes ever figure out what angle you’ll be coming at them from?

Besides his incredibly literal name, Batroc is just a very silly man. He sports a massive mustache that even Hercule Poirot would call a bit much, and he occasionally looks like a cross between Captain Falcon and Space Ghost.

4/10 Angelo Fortunato Was Objectively The Worst Venom

The Venom symbiote has hopped around between many hosts, so it’s a big accomplishment to be the worst. After having the symbiote bought for him by his daddy, Angelo ignored Eddie Brock’s warning and put it on anyway.

Even the Venom symbiote got fed up with Fortunato and dropped him mid-swing to his death, a single issue after bonding with him. This is the thing that stuck itself to Mac Gargan for a long time, so the bar isn’t exactly sky-high.

3/10 Loki Is The God Of Insecurity

Loki, the God of Mischief… and insecurity, and jealousy. Though he has been a bit more nuanced in recent years, Loki spent thousands of years brooding over Thor’s preferential treatment.

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While some amount of sibling rivalry is to be expected, Loki’s quarrel with Thor has always felt more one-sided. It’s like how the Yankees and the Red Sox are rivals, but the Yankees have won three times the number of World Series. Loki’s lucky that Tom Hiddleston is so popular. Otherwise, he’d likely still be a B-list villain getting bodied in a green jumpsuit.

2/10 Doctor Doom Wishes He Was Someone Else

Doctor Doom wants to be Reed Richards so badly that it’s embarrassing. Embarrassing because of how badly he wants it, and embarrassing that he picked Reed Richards. Of all the intelligent, successful Marvel heroes, Doom aspires to be the one who caused World War Hulk.

It would be cruel to roast Doom for his face, but doing so would probably hit him pretty hard. He always wears a mask, meaning he is clearly sensitive about it. So maybe next time he’s acting up, The Fantastic Four should just mention that he looks like a marshmallow melting off the end of a stick. It could be a good way to distract him.

1/10 Flag Smasher Is Accidentally Pro-America Propaganda

In theory, Flag Smasher might actually pose a significant threat to Captain America on an ideological level. Flag Smasher denounces nationalism and the idea of nations as a whole, instead thinking the world should all be united. However, he is the absolute worst spokesperson ever.

Flag Smasher commits violent acts of terrorism, and even kills his own henchmen when frustrated. Nobody will care how good a cause he’s supporting when he’s acting like a violent killer. Nothing will drive people further towards nationalism than seeing the altruistic Captain America opposing the murderous Flag Smasher. Ultimately, he ends up being better propaganda for his opposition than Cap himself.

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