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Iruma-kun!’s Demonic Bloodline Traits Are Similar to MHA’s Quirks

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Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! is a charming Fall 2022 anime series that may be an isekai but at times feels more like Naruto or My Hero Academia. Recent story arcs involve the Harvest Festival, which can be compared to the Chunin exam, and the Babyls school feels like a Halloween-style UA. This even includes Quirk training.

Iruma-kun!‘s own version of Quirks is bloodline traits — unique inherited powers that most demons have. Some of these bloodline trait “Quirks” were showcased during the Walter Park battle, and now, they may be used again in the Harvest Festival to beat the competition. Iruma Suzuki, however, lacks such abilities as a human, instead using a personalized bow as his weapon.

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Azazel Ameri Can Use Romanticist to Deliver Knockout Blows

Azazel Ameri is the vaguely himedere-like student council president at Babyls, and she has a powerful bloodline trait to match. Called Romanticist, it allows Ameri to willingly enter a battle-ready state, empowered by her faith in herself. Given Ameri’s impressive academic performance, noble bloodline and strong will, the power of Romanticist is fearsome, and Ameri can use it to demolish even the strongest foes. Potentially, Romanticist may turn against Ameri and harm her if she suffers doubt or fear, but in practice, that rarely happens, especially when she is fighting to defend her beloved Iruma.

Andro Jazz, Caim Kamui & Garp Goemon Can Use Serpent Thieves/Pit, Translation & Wind Sword

The unofficial trio of Andro M. Jazz, Caim Kamui and Garp Goemon features some noteworthy bloodline traits, all of which have already been used in mortal combat. These three boys pooled their talents to fight back against a monster in Walter Park, with their teacher Naberius Kalego urging them on, Eraserhead style. Andro Jazz’s bloodline traits are Serpent Thieves and Pit, allowing him to sense a person’s valuables and steal them with long, snake-like fingers. Caim Kamui is like MHA‘s Koji Koda with his strong affinity for animals, and he can use his Translation bloodline trait to speak to them. He used this ability to order a flock of birds to distract a Walter Park monster, for example. Garp Goemon has the most offense-oriented bloodline trait, Wind Sword, which allows him to form a sharp blade of air on his sword’s hilt.

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Ronove Romiere Uses Charisma to Draw Everyone’s Attention

The obnoxious but sometimes helpful Ronove Romiere tends to put himself first, demanding attention and adoration from everyone around him. He also aims to succeed Azazel Ameri as Babyls’ student council president, forming a friendly rivalry with her. Ronove could certainly be an attention-grabbing student counselor with his Charisma bloodline trait, which compels everyone around Ronove to look right at him. Ronove can do this for vain purposes, but he can also use it to distract his enemies and give innocent bystanders a chance to flee, such as during the Walter Park battle.

Elizabetta X Can Make Boys Her Puppets With Full Love Gauge

The tall, charming Elizabetta X is a friendly and mature girl in the abnormal class, almost making her Itsuka Kendo’s counterpart. Elizabetta X has a seduction theme, and she ramped up her seductive abilities while training tirelessly with Raim. She can use more than her words and good looks, though — her bloodline trait, Full Love Gauge, releases a scent that can seduce every boy around her. Those boys will become Elizabetta’s willing servants and follow any command she gives, though Elizabetta must take care to not overdo it. She can also control the extent of her scent by unzipping her outfit by certain amounts.

Asmodeus Alice Wields Fire In Battle

Asmodeus Alice was once a pompous tsundere, but now he is Iruma’s loyal friend and bodyguard. He is also wildly talented thanks to his noble lineage, though it’s not clear if his fire-based magic is a bloodline trait or something else. Either way, Alice is formidable with his flame-based gifts, able to create devastating ranged attacks with flower-like fire or even create fire swords for melee combat. Incidentally, he has immense physical strength, even if he looks like a pampered prince on the outside.

Sabnock Sabro & Bachiko Barbatos Can Both Make Weapons

Sabnock Sabro and the petite tsundere teacher Bachiko Barbatos aren’t related, but they do have roughly similar bloodline traits involving weapon creation. Sabnock Sabro can bite on something to create a weapon of similar material, which explains why he has a necklace of different metals around his neck. Meanwhile, Bachiko Barbatos is one of the few demons with the discipline and patience necessary to form a bow and arrows, making her a powerful ranged fighter. She had trouble finding a worthy student, but the human Iruma was an exception. Now he is the Netherworld’s #2 archer, inspired by Bachiko’s incredible bloodline trait.

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