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S1 E18 ‘Uncle the Private Tutor’

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The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Season 1, Episode 18, “Uncle the Private Tutor/Daybreak,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Midterms have finally arrived at Anya’s school in the Episode 18 story “Uncle the Private Tutor.” The midterm will cover four subjects with the promise of Stella being awarded to the two top performing students, and Tonitrus Bolts being given to failing students. Having announced the conditions of the midterm exams, the school headmaster begins handing back history quizzes to Anya and her classmates.

Despite Anya confidently telling Becky she’s been studying hard for exams, the headmaster reveals she failed her history quiz and will need to stay after school for an additional lesson — a detail Damian taunts Anya about since he got a significantly higher score. During her after school lesson, Anya contemplates cheating on her midterms by reading Damian’s thoughts in order to get the same high scores. Anya laughs at the thought of cheating, which does not go unnoticed by the school headmaster, who assigns her extra homework.

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On the bus ride home from school, Anya thinks about how mean her headmaster was to her and how there is a full moon out. This causes Anya to panic and asks Loid how many weeks it will be before there’s a new moon. Loid says it will take two weeks for the new moon to arrive, which causes Anya to panic further since the arrival of the new moon coincides with the day of her midterm. This also means her telepathic ability will be inactive during that time. After seeing the panicked look on Anya’s face, Loid suggests studying before dinner, even offering to help her understand the subjects she doesn’t understand.

Lost in her thoughts, Anya recalls how the men who experimented on her revealed how her telepathic abilities deactivate during the absence of the moon, including eclipses. This causes Anya to desperately ask Bond to look into the future to show her the answers to the midterm exams, but Bond doesn’t understand her request. Instead, he shows her what they’ll be having for dinner, which causes Anya to stop stressing over the midterm exams. Unfortunately for Anya, she goes straight to sleep after dinner and forgets to study for her midterms. This causes her to resume her test anxiety the next morning.

Since Loid has the day off, he offers to stay home to help Anya study. While the girl is studying, Loid silently thinks about how Anya can easily receive four Tonitrus Bolts if she fails her midterms, which risks her expulsion from the school if she receives an additional four from her final exams. Loid further thinks about how he’s given up on her being able to earn four Stella and must now work on helping her improve her basic academic knowledge. In the worst case scenario, he’ll have to resort to more drastic measures to ensure Anya stays enrolled at the school long enough to not doom Operation Strix.

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Not being able to figure out what’s keeping Anya from making any progress on her studies, Yor suggests bringing her brother Yuri over to help tutor Anya. When Yuri arrives at the Forger home, he is far from enthused to see Loid present and is even less excited to tutor Anya since she is not Yor’s biological daughter. Sensing Yuri’s disdain, Anya feigns feeling sick, which prompts the family to have a small tea break.

During the break, Loid decides to ask about how Yuri’s been since the summit involving the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In his mind, Loid reasons the Secret Security has figured out Twilight posed as the Westalis Foreign Minister during the summit. Yuri, however, thinks Loid is trying to embarrass him in front of his sister. Anya delights in the knowledge that Yuri and Loid don’t know each other’s secret identities, though this causes Loid to mistake her enthusiasm as excitement for studying. Loid ceases the opportunity to excuse himself to “go out shopping,” though in reality, he’s going out to fulfill a different mission.

During the study session, Anya initially cheats by reading Yuri’s thoughts, which causes him to assume she doesn’t really need to study. Remembering that she won’t be able to cheat during the midterm exams, Anya admits the whole thing was a fluke and that she needs to take her studies more seriously. Throughout Anya’s actual study efforts, however, Yuri grows increasingly impatient with her inability to grasp basic facts. Yor, however, encourages him to keep on trying as she doesn’t want Anya to be expelled from the school. Anya then appeals to Yuri’s love for his sister as a way of persuading him to continue tutoring her. Yuri, however, only agrees to continue his tutelage as a way of getting his sister’s approval.

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Seeing that Anya continues to not make progress on her learning, Yuri asks her if she hates studying; she openly admits that she does. Anya then asks Yuri if he enjoys studying, and the latter recalls his own studious motivations being centered around his desire to help his sister. Hearing what motivated Yuri as a child, Anya herself becomes inspired to study hard, though she is once again unable to retain information. Already at his wits’ end, Yuri decides to go home for the day, deciding not to waste any more time tutoring Anya. When Loid returns home, he’s delighted to hear from Yor Anya’s been working hard on her studies, but immediately loses hope of things getting better when he sees she’s been studying the wrong thing.

In “Daybreak,” two weeks have passed and the day of Anya’s midterm arrives. Anya once again feels confident she’ll ace her exam, but Loid is no longer confident in her ability to pass on her own, and decides to take measures into his own hands as Twilight. To that end, he disguises himself as a school teacher in order to alter his daughter’s answers on the exam so that she stays enrolled. While thinking about how he needs to meticulously approach this situation, Twilight comes across another spy for Ostania named Daybreak.

Unlike Twilight, Daybreak has no concept of subtlety and behaves in painfully suspicious ways, thinking he can best Twilight and climb the ranks of his own spy organization. This is further validated by Daybreak’s own overconfidence as he tries breaking into the school to alter Damian’s answers on the exam. Daybreak’s obsession to best Twilight causes him to make a lot of rookie mistakes that forces the latter to cover for him in order to avoid compromising his own mission. This includes providing Daybreak with a false teacher ID to present to a security guard to keep the latter from calling the police. In the process, Twilight catches a glimpse of his hand, which has the exam numbers of both Damian and Demetrius Desmond. This isn’t good news for Twilight.

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After helping Daybreak get access to the building containing the exams, Twilight is subsequently knocked out by his rival as soon as he opens the exam room door. Twilight waits patiently for Daybreak to finish his mission, but is forced to intervene when Daybreak attempts to autograph the Desmond boys’ exams as a way of proving he was there. Daybreak’s lack of concern over being discovered overwhelms Twilight to the point where he is rendered speechless at hearing his rival talk about how he wants to be known for sabotaging the Desmond boys’ exams scores. After Daybreak makes his dramatic exit, Twilight commits to changing the Desmond boys’ exams back to their original answers. When he sees Anya’s test, however, Twilight is surprised by what he sees.

Five days after the midterm exams, Damian is delighted to see he ranked 11th place, which earns him at least one Stella. Anya, however, isn’t as lucky, ranking at only 213, which is barely passing. Anya is happy to learn she didn’t compromise Loid’s mission by failing, though Loid is still not impressed with her exam scores and decides to go strict with her studies. Later in the day, Daybreak learns he’s been fired after he “failed” to complete his mission. He is, of course, unaware that Twilight was present in the room with him when he fulfilled his mission and the latter sabotaged it after he left.

Based on the popular manga series by Tatsuya Endo, new episodes of Spy x Family stream every Saturday on Crunchyroll.

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