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Shadows of Rose Makes Village’s Ending More Tragic

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From the moment it was first unveiled, Resident Evil Village‘s Shadows of Rose DLC was built up as the grand finale to the tale of the Winters family, whose members have served as the main protagonists of the Resident Evil franchise since 2017’s Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. As was promised, Shadows of Rose ends with the same post-credits scene that closed Resident Evil Village, with a teenage Rosemary “Rose” Winters visiting her father Ethan’s grave, offering no concrete hints at where the franchise will go from here.

Rather than tease players with hints of where the Resident Evil series could be heading, Shadows of Rose focuses on resolving all the lingering plot points from the end of the main game. In the process, it also makes the already tragic conclusion of Resident Evil Village even more heartbreaking.

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How Shadows of Rose Leads into Resident Evil Village’s Post-Credits Scene

At the outset, Shadows of Rose establishes that the decade and a half that has passed since the end of the main game hasn’t been kind to Rose. Despite Chris Redfield’s best attempts to provide the surviving members of the Winters family with as normal of a life as possible, Rose’s inability to control her Mold-based superhuman abilities has made her a social outcast and driven the United States government to label her a potential threat. Fed up with the pain her powers have caused her, Rose embarks on a perilous journey into the psychic realm contained within the last fragment of the Megamycete, hoping to find a way to rid herself of her abilities.

During her journey into the depths of the Megamycete’s realm, Rose is confronted by the vengeful spirit of Eveline, the main antagonist of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Eveline torments Rose with her own worst memories to sate the wicked jealousy she feels toward Rose for having the loving family she tried and failed to create through Ethan, Mia, and the Baker family. However, Rose’s odyssey into her family’s painful past also allows her to form a connection with the father she never knew. The nightmarish recreations of the village within the Megamycete occasionally give way to calmer settings that allow Rose to learn more about Ethan and the depth of love he felt for her.

By the end of the DLC, Rose learns that her mysterious but benevolent ally Michael is the “memory” of Ethan that lives inside the Megamycete. He gives his daughter the strength to overcome her inner demons and defeat the remnant of Mother Miranda, who manipulated her journey into the Megamycete in hopes of possessing her body. Sharing one last moment with her father before she returns to the real world, Rose finally accepts her father’s sacrifice and the powers she once viewed as a curse.

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Shadows of Rose Makes the Winters Family Tragedy Even More Powerful

While Shadows of Rose makes zero alterations to Resident Evil Village‘s post-credits scene, the journey that players guide Rose through adds a layer of context, transforming every detail into a symbol of Rose’s growth. Finally forming a real connection with her father, Rose proudly dons Ethan’s wedding ring, a gift from Chris she’d once been reluctant to acknowledge. Having learned about Eveline and the connection between them, Rose also finds the courage to assert her identity and stand up to her handler when he absentmindedly compares them. Finally, the affirmation that her father is proud of who she’s become makes her simple response of “I know” to a soldier even more impactful.

By allowing Rose to meet her father, Shadows of Rose makes the post-credits scene of Resident Evil Village even more tragic. However, it also transforms a scene that once symbolized the void Ethan left in his daughter’s life into a touching affirmation of the brief time they shared within the Megamycete, allowing Rose (and the player) to finally achieve closure.

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