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10 Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man, Ranked

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Devils are supernatural entities who spawn from specific fears held by humans. Like Jujutsu Kaisen‘s cursed spirits, Devils feed upon humanity’s negative emotions — primarily fear and anxiety. Whether it’s the fear of widespread gun violence or severe nyctophobia, there’s a Devil for every terrifying phenomenon on the planet.

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Fans have witnessed several Devils’ carnage throughout Chainsaw Man. Nearly every Devil is terrifying, but some are powerful enough that even mentioning their name is enough to send chills up every Devil Hunter’s spine. There’s no shortage of Devils in Chainsaw Man, but some of them stand out as objectively the strongest.

10/10 Other Devils Used To Run Away From Power

Power is a Fiend, meaning that she’s a devil possessing a dead human. She’s the Blood Devil, and her strength even frightened other Devils. Power can use her blood to create weapons, like her mallet. She can also make spears with her blood and set traps for her opponents.

In her full-blown Devil form, Power can create a ton of blood swords from blood and make them rain down on her opponents in a move called the Thousand Tera Blood Rain. If Power is injured during a fight, consuming blood helps her heal like other Devils. However, Power’s regeneration abilities are much better than other Devils.

9/10 Reze Is A Bomb-Devil Hybrid

Like Denji, Reze is another Devil-Human hybrid. By pulling the pin in her neck, Reze becomes the Bomb Devil. Instead of transforming into a Devil like Denji, Reze’s head explodes and leaves a fake version of herself to confuse her opponents.

She can release explosions from any part of her body and turn her limbs into powerful torpedoes. Surprisingly, this causes her minimal damage. Reze can also use her explosions to make moving around easier, like when she used one to send herself flying toward another target. She’s virtually unkillable and survived life-threatening injuries that would have eliminated any other Devil.

8/10 The Ghost Devil’s Physical Strength Is Terrifying

The Ghost Devil personifies humanity’s fear of ghosts and the paranormal. Its body, like a ghost, cannot be physically touched by others. Interestingly, The Ghost Devil has no eyes but basically feels its way around by perceiving fear in its environment. It can’t sense someone who isn’t afraid of ghosts, but it can take advantage of someone else’s fear of the paranormal.

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The Ghost Devil is in a contract with Himeno. The Ghost Devil grants Himeno the power of its right arm and even uses it to communicate with her. The Ghost Devil’s physical strength is terrifying, and it’s not one that should be trifled with.

7/10 The Curse Devil’s Abilities Are Just As Brutal As Its Appearance

Contracted by Aki, the Curse Devil manifests after the contractor stabs their opponent with a nail. Since this Devil personifies the fear of curses, this ritual likely references Ushi-no-Toki-Mairi. It’s a Japanese curse that involves interesting a nail into an effigy.

After manifesting, the Curse Devil picks its contractor’s target up in a crucifixion pose and chews into their shoulder while breaking their arms. It’s a brutal killing method that’s as brutal as the Devil’s appearance; it manifests as a dual-headed skeleton with a massive ribcage.

6/10 Angel Devil Shortens Someone’s Life Span By Touching Them

Angel Devil embodies humanity’s fear of angels and the divine. His most terrifying ability lets him cut down someone else’s life span just by touching them once. Once he absorbs their life span, he can turn them into weapons with his halo. This ability comes with a major drawback, however.

Angel has nightmares about the humans whose lives he’s shortened. He’s very hesitant to use the ability as a result. Depending on how many collected years Angel uses, he can manifest different weapons. With five through one hundred years, he manifests a sword that varies in strength depending on the number of years. With one thousand years, Angel manifests a powerful spear from his halo.

5/10 Making A Contract With The Hell Devil Comes With A Hefty Price

As its name suggests, the Hell Devil can drag people down to Hell. It manifests as a large hand with six fingers and comes out of a door in the sky connected to a door in Hell. It made contracts with Santa Claus and the Anti-Makima Squad, both of which resulted in hefty exchanges for the contractors.

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Even if the Hell Devil is killed, it will just reincarnate in the fiery pits of Hell, making it virtually immortal. The Hell Devil was one of Chainsaw Man‘s most terrifying foes, and making a contract with it is usually only done when desperate times call for painfully desperate measures.

4/10 The Gun Devil Embodies The Fear Of Gun Violence

Gun violence is one of the most prevalent disasters in the world, and the Gun Devil embodies the collective fear of firearms. The Gun Devil’s reputation precedes it, making it one of Chainsaw Man‘s most notorious and terrifying Devils. The Gun Devil’s flesh is made out of bullets. When consumed by other Devils, the Gun Devil’s power enhances their own.

The Gun Devil was dismembered for most of the series, with parts of its body scattered across America, the Soviet Union, and China. However, it always regenerates since pieces of its body attract each other. The Gun Devil can shoot any of its guns with pinpoint accuracy. It can blow someone’s head off from 1500 meters away.

3/10 Makima Embodies The Fear Of Being Controlled

As the Control Devil, Makima is extremely manipulative and is good at exploiting others’ weaknesses to make them obey her. She needs to feel superior to others at all times and can force control over her victims, whether they’re humans or Devils.

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Aside from her mind control skills, Makima can also crush her targets with an invisible force with a few simple hand gestures. She isn’t quite as strong as a Primal Devil, but Makima’s definitely not one who should be trifled with. As the Control Devil, Makima’s strongest ability is that of living in other people’s heads rent-free and forcing them to obey her every command.

2/10 The Darkness Devil Embodies Nyctophobia

The Darkness Devil is a Primal Devil, meaning it’s never experienced death and personifies one of humanity’s primal fears. It embodies nyctophobia and takes advantage of people’s fear of darkness. The Darkness Devil is ancient and manifested shortly after the birth of humanity. The Darkness Devil can manipulate darkness and eclipse an entire area in a sea of black.

It manifests as several decapitated astronauts, resulting in one of the series’ most gruesome manga panels. The Darkness Devil, like Makima, can also manipulate an invisible force to defeat and literally crush its targets. Its Blade Of Darkness can be controlled remotely and instantly kills whoever it touches.

1/10 The Chainsaw Devil Can Consume & Erase Other Devils From Existence

The Chainsaw Devil is easily the most notorious Devil in the species’ history. Other Devils fear and respect it. When Denji turns into Chainsaw Man, he can manifest multiple blades from his body depending on how much blood he has. Denji gives his enemies some gruesome wounds while he gleefully rips them apart with his blades.

However, that’s not the Chainsaw Devil’s most terrifying ability. The Chainsaw Devil can consume other Devils, effectively erasing them from existence. The fear the Devils personify disappears from the collective’s memory. This makes Chainsaw Man a hero for humanity, but public enemy number one for other Devils.

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