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Sonic Frontiers Producer Says the Game Will Run Well on Nintendo Switch

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Sonic Frontiers is set to release on a number of different platforms, including Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s handheld hybrid isn’t as powerful as some of the other systems on the market, and some fans might be concerned about how Sonic’s next outing will run, by comparison. In a new interview with GameReactor, Sonic Frontiers producer Takashi Iizuka was asked specifically about the game’s Switch version, and how it will perform compared to other versions. While Iizuka admitted that there will be some compromises, the producer provided hope that this version will prove an enjoyable one.

It is extremely challenging to develop on this incredibly wide spectrum of hardware. But the good thing is we are using the Hedgehog Engine. The Hedgehog Engine is an internally developed engine we have been using since Sonic Generations, and we have been updating it since 2010 when the game was in development, to really make sure that multiplatform development is as easy as it can be. And we have been working on polishing all of those multiplatform abilities and capabilities of the engine. And as we saw with Sonic Forces, yes, we were able to deliver a game across not only the very low-end spec machines, but also the high-end spec machines,” Iizuka told GameReactor.

Our artists are making tons of content at very high levels, and if you got this great and amazing high-spec PC, that’s great. But we also want to make sure, that people who are playing on the Nintendo Switch have the same experience. So, we are not necessarily using the same high-end assets, but the Hedgehog Engine is able to reduce it to a size where it’s going to look very comparable on a Nintendo Switch, as it is to a high-end PC.

While Sega and Nintendo were once great rivals, the Sonic franchise has found a passionate following on Nintendo systems over the last 20 years. Given that, a lot of Switch owners will be watching closely to see what reviewers say about the Nintendo version. Sonic Frontiers is the most highly-anticipated game in the series in quite some time; hopefully Switch owners will have a version they can enjoy! They won’t have long to wait to find out, as Sonic Frontiers will release November 8th on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Until then, readers can check out all of our previous coverage of Sonic Frontiers right here.

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