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Spider-Man and Doctor Strange Join New Monica Rambeau Series

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Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Wong all stand alongside Monica Rambeau in the first look at Marvel’s new Monica Rambeau: Photon series.

The first look at Marvel’s new Monica Rambeau: Photon sees the titular hero battling a new enemy with some help from Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Wong.

Monica Rambeau: Photon is a new five-issue limited series from writer Eve L. Ewing, artists Luca Maresca and Ivan Fiorelli and colorist Carlos Lopez. An early first look at the first issue in the series sees Monica joining Doctor Strange and Wong in the Sanctum Sanctorum for reasons that remain unknown. She’s called away when a new enemy called Hinge starts causing mayhem in New York City. By the time she arrives, Monica finds Spider-Man/Peter Parker has already begun to thwart the villain’s schemes, causing her to swing into action alongside him.

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What Is Monica Rambeau: Photon About?

Marvel teased of Monica Rambeau: Photon‘s first issue, “Monica pays a visit to the Sanctum Sanctorum on behalf of S.W.O.R.D., which has charged her with making a very special, very cosmic delivery. However, in true Super Hero fashion, not all is what it seems, and Monica ends up on a new adventure with very personal stakes…all while she deals with a healthy helping of family drama.”

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Monica Rambeau: Photon was announced in August. While the character has currently found herself reluctantly joining New York City Mayor Luke Cage’s team of Thunderbolts led by Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Monica also had a chance to lead the Thunderbolts but turned it down in 2022’s Devil’s Reign: Omega #1), the new solo series will see her embark on her own cosmic quest into outer space. “It’s such an honor to be taking on the story of a legacy character like Monica Rambeau,” Ewing previously said of the series. “Monica’s character has a long history in the Marvel Universe, but she’s way overdue for getting her own story told. I’m picking the pen up from the legend himself, Dwayne McDuffie, who put out the last Monica Rambeau solo adventure almost three decades ago. It’s a privilege and I’m excited to tell the story in a way that both highlights her incredible cosmic abilities as well as her everyday, relatable struggles. I hope this will be a title that has something equal to offer to veteran readers and folks who may be brand new to comics.”

Monica Rambeau: Photon #1 features cover art by Lucas Werneck and variant cover art by Brian Stelfreeze, Norm Breyfogle, Karen S. Darboe, Mateus Manhanini and Peach Momoko . The issue goes on sale Dec. 14 from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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