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Star Wars Has Time Travel, Ahsoka Might Explore What That Means

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Cast members on Disney+’s Ahsoka are wrapping up filming, and the series’ principal photography should be completed soon. The series from George Lucas’ own Padawan, Dave Filoni, is the most important new “saga” story on the way in part because Star Wars has time travel, and Ahsoka is the show that’s probably going to explore that.

Ahsoka Tano is not a Skywalker, just like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo aren’t. Yet, she is as tied to their saga as any character. Not bad for a character who, when first introduced, fans thought was sure to die. During the run of Star Wars Rebels, some fans thought Filoni did kill her. She was last seen fighting Darth Vader in the Season 2 finale episode. However, in the final season she appeared again, rescued by Ezra Bridger in a place called “The World Between Worlds.” It introduced time travel, with limits, to save Ahsoka Tano. Still, even then Filoni said he didn’t want to see this device used in the films or other stories. Yet, Filoni wanted a “place” in the Star Wars universe where “everything” came together. If he’s ever going to revisit it, it will be in his first solo live-action series.

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How The World Between World Works in Star Wars

To make a long lore-y short, The World Between Worlds is a physical place that exists outside of space and time. Essentially, it’s like being inside the Force. There are infinite gateways that open on different places and times, though characters are typically drawn to those that have personal meaning to them. Similarly, powerful Force users like Yoda can enter the space, and others like Palpatine want to control it. When Ezra rescued Ahsoka from Vader, he was from a later point in time than she was. In the time-travel game, we call that “a causality loop.”

When Filoni announced her return, he did it using the slogan “Ahsoka lives.” Yet, maybe she is supposed to die as everyone expected before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope? Perhaps the Ahsoka story will carry her forward but end her journey back there in that temple on Malachor under her former master’s blade. Yet would Dave Filoni ever kill his beloved Ahsoka? Would the fans even want that?

Another way The World Between Worlds might be used is to simply connect Ahsoka with important figures in the Force. Maybe the first time she met Luke Skywalker was there. It also could be how she tracks down Ezra on the series, since he used it to save her. While time travel may not actually come into play on Ahsoka, it’s a safe bet The World Between Worlds will.

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The Ahsoka Announcement Teased The World Between Worlds

When the Ahsoka series was announced during a Disney investors presentation, the title treatment was all there was. Yet, it was informative, at least for details-obsessed nerds. The design behind the letters and over the star field looks very much like The World Between Worlds. Similarly, that style of writing is often found in places strong with the Force. Also, the inclusion of characters from Rebels suggests that Ahsoka will sequelize the series in more than just plot. Star Wars Rebels was all about the Force, and with Rosario Dawson and the Volume at Filoni’s disposal, this live-action series will be, too. The World Between Worlds is not so much a gateway to enter other worlds and times, but rather a source of knowledge. That’s how it will be used.

Even if the time travel on Ahsoka goes beyond simply looking through one of the gates and seeing her and Anakin in the past, this will not become the norm in Star Wars. While a number of powerful Force users can potentially access The World Between Worlds, in our world it’s a power that is likely exclusive to Dave Filoni.

Ahsoka is expected to debut on Disney+ in 2023.

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