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Canceled Warner Bros. Movie Finishes Production, Even Though No One Will Ever See It

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Warner Bros. Discovery has been on a mission to cut costs and find tax breaks ever since the merger between WarnerMedia and Discover was completed. New CEO David Zaslav has made savings the number one priority, resulting in nearly completed projects being axed entirely, and HBO Max original titles being stripped from the streaming service. Amidst this unprecedented set of circumstances, one of the canceled films opted to complete production anyway, in the hopes that it might eventually see the light of day.

Scoob!: Holiday Haunt was in the final stages of production when the team found out it was being completely canceled. The filmmakers decided, however, to finish the film. So the holiday-themed prequel to 2020’s Scoob! is completely done, according to producer and writer Tony Cervone.

“Well, we finished this thing today. A bittersweet conclusion for sure,” Cervone wrote. “I really hope you get a chance to see it somehow. It’s a good one. I want to congratulate the directors [Michael Kurinsky] and [Bill Haller] for doing an outstanding job. They understand the characters, comedy and spooky thrills so well. Thanks to [Paul Dini] for writing it with me. Thanks to [Mitchell Ferm] for producing it with me. Thanks to our head of story [John Dusenberry] and our Director of Layout [Stephen Childers], and to [Terry Han] for keeping me somewhat on time. And thank you to our wonderful, wonderful gang – [Iain Armitage], [Mckenna Grace], [Ariana Greenblatt], Pierce Gagnon and the one and only Frank Welker. Every minute with you was a pleasure.”

Scoob!: Holiday Haunt was an unfortunate casualty of a new corporate regime trying to cut the expenses of its predecessor. That likely means the movie won’t ever actually get released. Batgirl finds itself in the very same boat. But, if there is some sort of chance at a release, Holiday Haunt is now completely finished, so no more money would be required to bring it to life. The filmmakers clearly have some hope that it could eventually be released.

Do you hope to see Scoob!: Holiday Haunt released some day? Let us know in the comments!

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