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Tips, Tricks & Strategies for New Players

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There is a lot of information to cover for players new to Harvestella, the farming sim hybrid that launched on Nov. 4. Not only do players need to know all the ins and outs of farming, but there are also plenty of combat and RPG elements to learn as well. This is likely one of the reasons why the intro to the game is so long — players really need to learn a lot to get into the story in addition to the actual gameplay.

Despite the game’s efforts to give players all the necessary information upfront, there are still aspects that aren’t explained enough. It’s also very easy to forget things at the beginning due to information overload. Whether they play it on the Switch or PC, anyone who dips into Harvestella can use a couple of tips and tricks to save them hours looking up stuff and getting behind in the game.

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Always Be Farming and Turning a Profit

Farming is useful not only for making cooking ingredients but also for gaining money (or Grilla as it’s called in this game). Players can harvest their crops and place them in the Shipping Box to sell them for some Grilla. Given the limited amount of sellable items that the player finds in Harvestella, it’s always good to be growing as much food as possible in the garden at all times.

It’s recommended to keep some items stored up for cooking (like the Dress Lettuce, which goes in many dishes) but sell everything else. There are also some crops that can be harvested repeatedly. Examples include Cucumbles and the Nemean Tomatoes. Definitely plant plenty of these, since they continuously make a profit if players harvest and sell them every day.

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Build the Kitchen as Soon as Possible

Nothing is worse than being halfway through a dungeon and realizing that the backpack is empty. Several of the individual ingredients players can find will revive HP, but not for high amounts. This is why players need the kitchen: to cook meals that will actually fill their health bars back up.

Granted, it will take a while to earn the 2,000 Grilla necessary for the Renovator to build the kitchen counter. None of the early game enemies are too threatening, however. A good benchmark is to have the kitchen built before facing Hydolanzer, the boss of Higan Canyon. All the enemies in Harvestella get somewhat buffed from that point on.

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Check for Job Points Often

As a player eliminates enemies in a particular Job, Job Points will accumulate. It’s very important to check these often since Job Points can be used to learn new skills that are more powerful than the basic ones. After the first dungeon, there is a bit of a hike in enemy level. While generic enemies will almost never be too threatening, bosses and FEAR monsters will take more skill to defeat. If a player finds themselves stuck on one battle, expanding their skill pool is a great way to make these fights easier.

It’s also just as important to check the Encyclopedia, as this page houses information on every enemy in the game so long as the player has encountered that enemy before. Players can find out which elements each monster and boss is weak to. Hydolanzer, for example, is weak to Ice and Lighting, making it very fortunate that players get the Mage class, which uses Lighting and Ice attacks before that fight.

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Never Leave Home Without Food, a Recall Bell & Some Repair Kits

These are the most important items a player can stock up on. Obviously, players will want food to replenish their health. The Recall Bell is also important since it allows players to transport home instantly. If a player is stuck in a dungeon late at night, they can afford to stay up a little later to make some progress if they have the Recall Bell on them. Once Midnight arrives, players will automatically pass out and end up at home. They will also need to pay a doctor’s fee the next morning.

The Repair Kits serve as an indirect way of fast travel, oddly enough. Many of the broken ladders in the game are placed specifically in spots where players can skip chunks of the dungeon by using them. It’s practically impossible to finish a dungeon in one in-game day, which means that players will be going home to rest and coming back often. A good rule of thumb is for players to always repair a ladder when they come across one. This way, when the player returns home to rest, they can come back without being forced to replay parts of the dungeon they’ve already completed.

It takes a while to get into the flow of Harvestella since there are many aspects of gameplay to learn. Once it picks up, though, the quality of the gameplay really starts to increase. Players get to make their own decisions without being burdened with dialogue around every turn. Getting past the beginning and into the meat of things is the only way to truly appreciate this hybrid of farm simulation and Final Fantasy RPG that Square Enix has created with Harvestella.

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