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How to Get the Most from the Game’s Story

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2022 has been a stellar year for indie games, with the likes of Neon White, Norco, Signalis, and Cult of the Lamb all receiving high praise. The introduction of Game Pass, especially, has really helped many of these titles to shine as they’re exposed to a wider audience of gamers who are more inclined to try them out at no extra cost. One of the year’s highest-rated games, Immortality, launched day one on Microsoft’s subscription service for both PC and Xbox Series X/S in August.

Immortality may be one of the games of the year, but its completely hands-off approach has left many players confused about what they need to do. The game’s premise is centered around uncovering what happened to the fictional actress, Marissa Marcel. It’s known that she acted in three films, all of which were never released before she subsequently went missing. The game gives its players full-motion video recordings from these movies, as well as some previous interview footage, to enable them to piece together the actress’ fate. Here’s a spoiler-free guide to understanding Immortality‘s secret story.

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How to Begin Uncovering Immortality’s Hidden Story

Immortality Interface

Immortality‘s gameplay is very simple. Players can click on numerous people, objects, or pieces of scenery within a clip to lead to a relevant different clip. As players unlock more clips, they’re presented on a board for players to jump in and out of. Gamers can restart, rewind, or fast-forward each clip, as well as make it a favorite on a separate board. As players begin to unlock new scenes, they’ll soon realize that they show the many different stages of filming and interviewing for each movie in which Marissa Marcel starred. Although it’s clear there are many branching paths to the stories, none seem to have the answer players are looking for — at least on the surface. To uncover the truth, players need to delve deeper into these clips.

The key to unlocking Immortality‘s real story is in the fact that some clips are hiding secret footage. The game is best played with a controller, because when it vibrates, alongside audio changes, it’s signaling that there’s more to be revealed. Upon noticing these subtle changes, players need to use the game’s different functions to uncover the full hidden clip. Some are revealed immediately upon rewinding the significant moment, whereas others need to be rewound and then fast-forwarded a few times to fully transform.

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How to Make Sense of the Secret Clips

Screenshot depicting the match cut mechanic in Immortality.

Although these clips can seem disjointed and confusing at first, they’ll soon begin to make more sense as the player pieces together what’s being said and which characters in the original clips are involved. Potentially making things more confusing, Immortality offers no hints to suggest which clips are needed to unlock the ending and which simply offer more story information and clues. As a result, players can often feel like they’re finding a lot of these secret clips without really making progress, but rest assured, the game is piecing together the story.

At this point, it’s important to pay attention to what’s being said in these clips and use that information as a guide. For example, a secret clip may mention crucifixion, so players should then start clicking on crosses and other relevant symbolism to uncover more key clips. Several other mysteries also become apparent as the game progresses, with the answers lying both in the original footage and the secret clips, so players should search through as much as possible to untangle every side plot. Once a specific amount of hidden footage has been found, the ending will trigger and players will finally learn the answer to the game’s overarching question — what happened to Marissa Marcel?

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