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The Best Bleach Quincy Abilities To Have In Real Life

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A number of fans believe that Bleach is the best of the Big Three because of its soundtrack and action, but it also has fun and interesting characters. The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc is well underway, and it will introduce fans to many new characters, most of whom are Quincy.

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Quincy are ordinary humans who can manipulate spiritual energy. When they were first introduced, it appeared as though they could only shoot spiritual arrows, but they have more abilities than that. Some of these abilities are very useful, especially in combat, and they would be very useful in real life as well.

10/10 “The Almighty” Allows Someone To See & Alter The Future

Yhwach Activating The Almighty After Absorbing The Soul King

Yhwach is the father of all Quincy, so it makes sense that he would have an extremely powerful ability. Yhwach’s called “The Almighty,” which allows him to see every possible future at once as if they were happening at the same time.

Thanks to this power, Yhwach can act accordingly to ensure a specific outcome, and he can alter any future however he likes. If this ability existed in real life, someone could use it to avoid fatal accidents, or they can avoid catastrophic business or relationship choices before they even occur.

9/10 Blut Has Incredible Defensive Properties

as nodt showing off his blut vene with one hand

Byakuya Kuchiki is one of the best Captains in Bleach, and even he had difficulty breaking through As Nodt’s Blut. In theory, every Quincy can use Blut, but it is an advanced technique that requires Reishi to flow straight into the user’s blood vessels.

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There are two types of Blut, but they can’t be used at the same time. The defensive application would be far more useful in real life because it grants the user inhuman durability. This is the kind of ability that would work well in fights as it would absorb all the impact. Knives and bullets would not harm the user, and terrible car accidents wouldn’t be fatal.

8/10 Law Enforcement & Criminals Can Benefit From “The Yourself”

Loyd & Royd Loyd After Using The Yourself Against Yamamoto

Captain Commander Yamamoto is arguably the strongest Soul Reaper to have ever lived, and even he fell victim to the ability shared by Loyd and Royd. The ability is called “The Yourself,” and it allows the user to transform into an exact copy of another person.

The copy gains the skills and abilities of the original, as well as their personality and memories. Real-life law enforcement would love this ability because it would allow them to gather concrete evidence by assuming a criminal’s identity. It would make undercover work much easier, too. Criminals can use it to break into safes, and it would come in very handy during an escape.

7/10 Hirenkyaku Would Make Getting Around A Lot Easier

Uryu Using Hirenkyaku To Run By Hollows

It’s true that Uryu rarely uses certain Quincy powers, but there are other abilities that he uses quite often. Hirenkyaku is one of them, and this advanced Quincy technique allows him to move at high speeds by riding the flow of Reishi beneath his feet.

If this technique existed in real life, it would make getting around a lot quicker and easier. Getting to and from work would be less tedious, and it would offer a more cost-effective lifestyle because there would be no real need to have a car.

6/10 “The Power” Grants Super Strength

Meninas McAllon Using The Power To Crush Multiple Soul Reapers

Meninas McAllon is a female Sternritter who is extremely loyal to Yhwach, and she possesses an ability that has a lot of physical uses. Meninas’ ability is called “The Power,” and it grants her superhuman strength. If she wants to, she can also increase the size of her muscles.

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Super Strength is one of the most coveted superpowers because of how useful it is. A real-life person can use this strength to end an altercation with one punch. Such strength can be used to rescue people if they are trapped under heavy objects. Manual work like moving furniture and construction would be far easier as well.

5/10 “The Deathdealing” Can Make Someone Immune To All Sorts Of Toxins

Askin Nakk Le Vaar Using The Deathdealing & Voldstandig

Askin is part of Yhwach’s personal guard, so it makes sense that he would have a strong ability. He can use “The Deathdealing,” which allows him to calculate the precise lethal dose of any substance that enters his body. This may not seem like a great real-life power, but it has its benefits.

Someone with this ability will never fall victim to a poisonous animal’s venom, and they will never have to deal with food poisoning ever again. This is because the user becomes immune to the toxic substance. This also applies to certain physical ailments, like burns.

4/10 Every Athlete Would Benefit From The Empowerment Provided By “The Superstar”

Mask De Masculine Getting Empowered To Fight Renji

Mask De Masculine may look like a silly luchador, but he is actually quite troublesome to deal with. This is because of “The Superstar,” an ability that grants him enhanced energy, stamina, and strength. In order for this power to work, though, there needs to be at least one person cheering for him.

This would be the perfect ability for a real-life professional athlete to have because they always compete in arenas or stadiums where someone is cheering them on. This would give an athlete an unfair advantage, but if multiple athletes had this power, sports would be even more entertaining.

3/10 Someone Can Become Invulnerable To Physical Harm With “The Iron”

Cang Du Using The Iron To Block Toshiro's Attack

Cang Du is a very competent fighter, and best of all, he doesn’t have to worry about getting hit with physical attacks. He possesses “The Iron,” a Quincy power that allows him to partially or fully coat his skin in a layer of iron.

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This iron is so strong that Cang Du is immune to any form of physical harm. If this power existed in real life, the user would never have to worry about getting injured in a fight, a mugging, or any kind of physical accident.

2/10 “The Miracle” Allows The User To Beat Insurmountable Odds

Gerard Valkyrie Overpowering Captain-Level Shinigami With The Miracle

Unlike the other Sternritter, Gerard had the power of “The Miracle” from birth. He states that this power allows him to produce miracles, but it’s actually a form of probability manipulation, and it makes him one of the most dangerous Quincy in the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc.

Even if the odds of doing something are near-impossible, this ability allows the user to succeed. In real life, someone can use this ability to win the lottery whenever they want. If they are diagnosed with a terminal illness with low chances of survival, they can use this power to beat the odds and live.

1/10 With “The Visionary,” Imagination Literally Becomes Reality

Gremmy Using The Visionary To Create A Meteor

Kenpachi Zaraki is one of the strongest and most violent characters in Bleach, and even he had trouble dealing with Gremmy’s overpowered ability. Gremmy’s ability is called “The Visionary,” and it allows its user to turn their imagination into reality.

In terms of real-life applications, this ability is limitless. If there is no food in the house, the user can imagine that the fridge is full, and it will be. If they want to be a billionaire, they just need to imagine being one. If they want to live forever, they can — but they need to make sure that they don’t imagine themselves dying because that will happen, too.

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