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10 Dragon Ball Characters Who’d Lose To Superman

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As the popularity of the Dragon Ball series reached new highs with Dragon Ball Z, so did Goku’s comparisons to the Man of Steel. Due to Goku’s seemingly endless growth potential, as well as his affinity for saving the earth from existential threat, it’s only natural that fans would compare him to Earth’s other great savior.

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What it all may come down to in a fight between Dragon Ball and DC’s greatest hero is who has the plot armor. While the question of whether Goku can beat Superman may never be sufficiently answered, there are some characters in the Dragon Ball series that the Man of Steel can undoubtedly defeat.

10/10 Raditz Would Be No Match

Anime Raditz Scouter

Raditz proved a beyond formidable foe for the Z fighters at the start of Dragon Ball Z. It was only by working together, and Goku literally giving his life, that they were able to successfully defeat Raditz before he destroyed the Earth.

Being that Goku and the others are far stronger now, they could each take down Raditz without breaking a sweat, and Superman would do the same. Superman is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball Super multiverse, so someone like Raditz, despite his strength, would be no match for him.

9/10 Captain Ginyu Would Need To Swap Bodies To Stand A Chance

Captain Ginyu from Dragon Ball Z

While Superman would easily overpower Ginyu in a hand-to-hand bout, Ginyu does have an ability that could prove extremely problematic for the Man of Steel. If Ginyu was able to use his body swap ability on Superman, it could mean Ginyu takes over the body of one of the strongest beings in the universe.

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However, this would be particularly difficult for Ginyu to do, given that Superman is way too fast for Ginyu to be able to pull off his move. Ginyu would need the help of the rest of his Ginyu Force to perhaps hold Clark down, or have Guldo use his time freeze move. Still, Superman is far too strong for the rest of the Force and could make easy work of them before taking out their boss.

8/10 Krillin’s Destructo Disk May Not Be Enough

Anime Dragon Ball Super Krillin Destructo Disc Smug

Though Krillin has never been the strongest of the Z fighters, he has continued to grow in strength in order to always do his part in helping the others defend their world from increasingly powerful enemies. Additionally, Krillin has made up for his weaknesses with his incredible combat IQ and crafty techniques.

It would be interesting for fans to see whether Krillin’s most powerful move, the Destructo Disk, would actually cut through the Man of Steel. If it didn’t though, it’s likely that even Krillin, for all his unwavering courage, would lose the will to continue their fight.

7/10 Cell Would Be Destroyed As Many Times As It Takes

Perfect Cell exudes confidence in Dragon Ball Z

Cell is one of the most powerful villains Goku and the Z Fighters have ever had to face. Not only can he regenerate his entire body as long as there is one cell left, but he can also learn the abilities of his opponents extremely quickly. Not only that, but every time Cell regenerates his body he comes back several times stronger due to the Saiyan cells within him that provide him a zenkai boost.

In combat, Cell is extremely fast and strong and would provide a good match for Superman. However, Superman could ultimately overpower him. Additionally, being that Superman has superhuman vision, he would be able to spot every last cell remaining of Cell’s body in order to eradicate him from existence before he could regenerate.

6/10 Hit’s Incredible Speed Is Still Too Slow

Hit as he appears in Dragon Ball Super

Hit is one of the fastest enemies Goku has ever faced, combined with his Time-Skip ability that allows him to essentially freeze time for everyone but him. Hit’s strength and speed would prove problematic to Superman, though he would undeniably be able to match both. However, Time-Skip could cause real trouble for the Man of Steel as he can strike several times while time is frozen.

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Hit’s other trump card is his ability to grow stronger as a fight progresses, similar to Saiyans. Since Superman is also incredibly intelligent, it is likely he would figure out the secret to Hit’s ability just as fast as Goku did, immediately putting Hit at a disadvantage. Even though Hit moves faster than the speed of light, Superman can easily reach that speed — and then some.

5/10 Majin Buu Is Nearly Indestructible

majin buu

Majin Buu was the ultimate evil in Dragon Ball Z and has since become one of the greatest allies for the Z Fighters as Hercule’s bestie. Buu has some extremely unique abilities which can make him one of Superman’s greatest tests in the Dragon Ball universe.

Aside from his speed and strength, his body is made of a nearly indestructible rubber-like substance that he can form and shape at will. Buu can also turn his enemies into candy and devour them to gain their powers. Clark’s best bet would be to use his ice breath to freeze Majin Buu and in order to make his body hardened, or use his laser eyes to burn straight through him.

4/10 Piccolo’s Combat Intelligence Makes Him A Formidable Foe

Piccolo In Dragon Ball Super

Piccolo may prove one of the greatest threats to the Man of Steel due to his intensive combat knowledge. Piccolo’s status as former overseer of the Earth may even provide him with insight into Clark’s origins — and thus his weakness of Kryptonite.

Additionally, Superman would have to utterly destroy Piccolo as quickly as possible because Piccolo has the ability to regenerate his body. Despite all this, and while Piccolo recently received an incredible power upgrade via the latest Dragon Ball Super movie, he would still likely lose to DC’s greatest hero due to Superman’s near-infinite strength and speed.

3/10 Jiren Is A Close Match For Clark In Terms Of Pure Strength

Jiren in Dragon Ball Super.

Clark Kent’s greatest match in terms of sheer strength and speed is likely Jiren. Being that Jiren is a sort of superhero in his own right, it is unlikely he would see a reason to fight Superman. However, if the two were to cross paths, their battle would be particularly amazing.

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Though it would be a tough match, Superman would probably edge out Jiren in terms of raw strength. Additionally, Superman is known to have once flown so fast that he actually traveled back in time, so speed is on his side as well.

2/10 Frieza’s Villain Status Is His Greatest Weakness

Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

Frieza has proven himself as the main bad guy of the Dragon Ball universe with his consistent reemergence as a threat in the series. His newest power-up, Frieza Black, has made him even stronger than Goku and Vegeta in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

While Frieza Black’s true power is yet to be seen, the fact that he was strong enough to knock out Vegeta and Goku simultaneously says enough. If nothing else, Superman’s sheer durability would keep him in the fight with Frieza. Additionally, being that Superman is the obvious hero, a bit of plot armor would probably be on his side if the two did end up actually fighting.

1/10 Vegeta Only Grows Stronger The Longer He Fights

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

Vegeta is Goku’s greatest rival and the ultimate match-up for Dragon Ball‘s main protagonist. Every time Goku powers up, so does Vegeta. This makes him a good indication of where Goku himself would rank against Superman. In fact, Vegeta and Goku’s abilities have begun to fork in different but equally powerful directions, with Vegeta’s Ultra Ego and Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Ego allows Vegeta to grow infinitely stronger the more he fights, meaning that his reserve of strength and power could become as bottomless as Superman’s. While Superman can certainly win, given Vegeta’s newfound strength and power, the fight could conceivably go either way.

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