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10 Strongest DC Villains Cyclone Can Defeat

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Cyclone joined the Justice Society of America as a teenager. The granddaughter of Ma Hunkel, the Golden Age Red Tornado, she developed metahuman powers and was sent to the team for training. She took to the JSA very well, having grown up with stories of the team. She faced off against threats unlike anything she had imagined and learned how to be a hero from the best of the Golden and Modern Ages of heroes.

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Cyclone’s aerokinesis allowed her devastating offensive and defensive potential. While she faced off against powerful DC villains alongside the JSA like Black Adam and the Injustice Society, there’s no doubt that even on her own, she’d be able to handle herself. Many of the strongest DC Comics villains would fall to Cyclone.

10/10 Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit Physical Enhancements Won’t Save Him

An image of DC Comics' Ra's Al Ghul getting ready for a fight

Many DC villains have high kill counts, but few can match Ra’s al Ghul. The Lazarus Pits have kept him alive for centuries, allowing him to kill countless enemies. Beyond the Lazarus Pit-given immortality, al Ghul also has enhanced physical strength and speed. He’s faced down many powerful superhumans over the years, but Cyclone would be too much for him.

Cyclone’s power gives her long range attacks that Ra’s al Ghul can’t match. Even with the power of the League of Assassins on his side, Ra’s al Ghul would find himself hard-pressed to deal with Cyclone. In a one-on-one fight, Cyclone would wipe the floor with him.

9/10 Vandal Savage Has Felt Cyclone’s Power Before

DC Comics' Vandal Savage by artist David Finch

Vandal Savage is Earth’s deadliest immortal. Born a hundred thousand years ago, the former caveman was given immortality, superhuman strength, and intelligence by a radioactive meteor. Since then, he’s cut a bloody swath through human history. He’s been a foe of the Justice Society since its inception and even faced down the team while Cyclone was a member.

Savage is a wily foe, but Cyclone has helped beat him before. That doesn’t mean she’s guaranteed to win a one-on-one fight, but her powers give her a lot of advantages. She can manifest cyclones that would destroy just about anything Savage throws at her.

8/10 Doctor Polaris’s Magnetic Powers Couldn’t Defeat Cyclone’s Tornados

DC Comics' Doctor Polaris controls metal

Doctor Polaris’s magnetic powers have allowed the villain to challenge Hal Jordan for years. Jordan is an expert with his Green Lantern power ring, so anyone that can stand up to him is going to be a tough nut to crack. Polaris’s powers are great, but he doesn’t have the fine control that more marvelous masters of magnetism have, which is going to give Cyclone the chance she needs to win.

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Cyclone’s defensive capabilities would allow her to trump most of Polaris’s attacks. However, the same can’t really be said of his powers. Even if he was shielding himself, Cyclone can control the air inside the shield, pummeling him with multiple small cyclones.

7/10 Killer Croc Wouldn’t Stand A Chance Against Cyclone

An image of DC Comics' Killer Croc snarling in the sewers

Batman’s faces off against dangerous superpowered foes, including Killer Croc. Croc’s strength and durability make up for his relative lack of intelligence, with his teeth and claws giving him powerful weapons. Croc has taken a lot of losses, but anyone who underestimates him does so at their own peril.

Croc is limited in his offensive abilities, which should make this is an easy fight for Cyclone. However, Cyclone can be a bit naive at times, which might allow Croc to get the drop on her. Of course, it’s doubtful he’d be able to take her down with a surprise attack, which means he’s still destined to lose the fight.

6/10 Mammoth’s Super Strength Would Be Meaningless Against Cyclone

Mammoth rages in DC Titans Rebirth

The Teen Titans have faced powerful enemies who can take on the whole team by themselves. The Teen Titans actually faced down few villainous teams, with the Fearsome Five being their most frequent sparring partners. The team was multi-faceted, with Mammoth being the group’s muscle.

Mammoth has titanic strength, able to fight it out with Donna Troy or Starfire easily. However, all of his strength and durability aren’t going to make a lick of difference against someone who can summon F5 tornados. Cyclone could keep throwing more powerful tornados at him until he went down.

5/10 Mr. Freeze Would Give Cyclone An Interesting Challenge

DC Comics' Mr. Freeze looks at Nora in her frozen tube.

Many DC characters’ powers have made them worse, giving them the ability to take their pain out on the world. Mr. Freeze’s experimentations changed his physiology, forcing him to build his powerful armor, which gave him the ability to commit crimes and face Batman. His freeze gun is a versatile weapon, and with it, he’d give Cyclone an amazing fight.

Freeze can match Cyclone’s long range attacks, and it would be harder for her defend herself against the freeze gun. She’d have to keep moving, which is easy with her powers. Her cyclonic abilities would give her an offensive advantage that Freeze can’t really match, netting her the win.

4/10 The Royal Flush Gang Would Get Rocked By Cyclone

The Royal Flush Gang From DC Comics

The Royal Flush Gang are iconic Justice League foes. They’ve faced the League many times and have had a multitude of members, each roster using the same basic motif and weapons to attack their enemies. From flesh and blood members to robots, the Royal Flush Gang can challenge even the most resourceful and powerful heroes.

The Royal Flush Gang should be able to take down Cyclone, but they’re also kind of screw-ups. Joker has been able to defeat the entire group on his own. Cyclone is no Joker, but her powers make her a potent combatant and would allow her to take down the Gang.

3/10 Prometheus’s Preparations Always Have Loopholes That Make Him Lose

Prometheus devastates the Justice League in DC Comics

Prometheus has done a lot of damage in his supervillain career. Prometheus’s schtick is basically Batman’s; he’s all about being prepared, making plans, and using a combination of wits, skill, and technology. He’s almost defeated the Justice League completely on his own, but his plans have always been foiled.

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Prometheus is good, but his plans have always failed because he’s overlooked something. Cyclone isn’t as experienced or skilled as Prometheus, but she’s unpredictable, and her powers are potent. There’s a good chance that Prometheus has no idea how to deal with her, not considering her enough of a threat to make plans for. Cyclone could just unleash her tornados on Prometheus and put him down.

2/10 Bane’s Not Going To Know How To Deal With Cyclone

DC Comics' Batman One Bad Day Bane

Batman is known for battling violent foes, with Bane’s capacity for violence putting him in rarefied air. He broke Batman’s back and is a tremendously skilled fighter. However, his intelligence is what makes him so dangerous. He’s been able to outthink nearly every foe he’s fought, including Batman.

Bane is a crafty opponent, but he’s not used to facing someone like Cyclone. Planning for someone who can throw tornados is pretty much impossible. Cyclone can smash through anything Bane sets up to use against her. She doesn’t have to walk into one of these traps, she can just destroy the place where Bane and the traps are.

1/10 Solomon Grundy Couldn’t Stand Up To Cyclone’s Winds

Harley Quinn claps for Solomon Grundy in DC Comics

Solomon Grundy and the Justice Society have history that extends back to the Golden Age. Since then, Grundy has faced off against the most powerful heroes on Earth, fighting it out with the likes of Superman. Grundy isn’t the smartest villain in the world, but he’s a physical powerhouse like no other. On paper, he should be able to cream Cyclone.

However, Grundy was once defeated by Red Tornado, who unleashed F5 tornados. Cyclone could do that just as easily, and she’s much more mobile than Red Tornado. She’d be able to avoid Grundy’s attacks and put him down with her powerful cyclones.

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