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Wednesday’s Nevermore Promises Chilling School Adventures

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Ever since their inception, The Addams Family has always been a celebration of self-expression and unconditional love. To convey this, the comics, films and TV shows have always focused on the creepy and kooky family’s unique interest in the macabre and grim. Of all of them, Wednesday Addams had always felt the most in her element in this environment and thrived in marching to her own beat. Now a teenager for the upcoming series, Netflix’s Wednesday will see how her solo attitude will mix with others her age.

The upcoming series will see Wednesday attend Nevermore Academy, a school her parents attended and one that caters to the stranger people of the world. Whether given supernatural abilities or just well-versed in the world, Nevermore is the place to be. But with Wednesday on the roster, she will quickly learn that the school may have more mysteries in store for her than she could’ve anticipated.

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Nevermore Features Many Nods To the Creepy And Macabre

A new featurette discussing the new Nevermore Academy established what the oldest boarding school has to offer to its students, especially Wednesday. At a glance, it has the same gothic architecture as the Addams’ mansion, meaning Wednesday would feel right at home. But as it was inspired by author Edgar Allan Poe, there’s much more hidden in the details that connect to creatures of myth as well as some of literature’s darkest tales.

Aside from a Poe statue that seems to hide a secret passageway. There are also nods to fictional creatures such as the Abominable Snowman, Gargoyles and even a Medusa chimney in Headmistress Larissa Weems’ office. But there’s also a pond in the courtyard that holds the classic Tim Burton tree, as a nod to the show’s creator that overlooks a statue of Hamlet’s Ophelia, who had succumbed to mental illness and drowned in the Shakespeare play. With all these elements in place, Nevermore Academy embraced the most macabre aspects of literature to bring out its best qualities.

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Nevermore Promises Many Adventures In Store For Wednesday

Wednesday Poe statue

While the academy is designed to be nothing more than a school, Wednesday will have much more in store for her besides tests and grades. For starters, she will have to contend with the social aspects of meeting other students. This even includes sharing a room with the bubbly werewolf, Enid. On that note, supernatural individuals have formed their own cliques within the school and will no doubt be judging Wednesday’s loner attitude. Furthermore, she will also have to fight for her life in a school event that sees her contend with these superpowered individuals in a no holds barred obstacle course.

As Wednesday survives the events of Nevermore Academy, its secrets will only serve to uncover greater mysteries tied to murder and betrayal. While this is an arena she’s more than comfortable with, it’s still something that could prove to be dangerous for her. Surely, however, the more secrets she finds within the detailed and spooky Nevermore Academy, the more likely she will be able to use them to her advantage against anyone that challenges her.

Wednesday Season 1 will stream on Netflix on Nov. 23.

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